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How Much Should You Sell Your Motorcycle?

You may have been wondering how to sell your motorbike or even how to price your motorbike. These are questions you hardly ask unless you find yourself in a situation to buy or sell a motorbike. Selling a used motorbike in Ghana comes with its ups and downs. However, having a wealth of information on how exactly to price and sell your motorbike is a treasure you need. This article will give you just that. 

Are You Sure You Want to Sell?

Selling your motorbike may start with a hunch, or a suggestion from a friend, or even a shinier new model you want to buy. All these reasons could be valid but you need to consciously consider your reasons and determine if they are right. Remember, you cannot get the original price you bought the bike for. Motorbikes and even cars start to lose value immediately you take it out of the dealership after purchase. A day-old used motorbike is not as valuable as one which is yet to be used. 

That said, you need to ask yourself if this is the right time to sell your motorbike. Will you get the highest value for your bike? How will you manage without it? Will you get a new one or you will buy a car? Or you simply need the money badly that any amount of money would be okay? Beware you may also be tempted to sell low if you need the money badly. 

Make sure you are selling for the right reasons and that you wouldn’t regret your decision right after selling out. 

Getting Your Motorbike Ready for Sale

Once you have decided to sell, for sure, you need to get the motorcycle ready for sale. You need to, first of all, make sure it looks good on the outside. Wash it, change what needs to be changed and make sure it works. You might want to take it for a ride yourself if it has been locked up for few months. You don’t want a potential buyer coming for a test ride only to be disappointed that it doesn’t even work. What a weird scene that would be!

After making sure it looks well physically, time to get dirty. Be sure to check the oil, tires, coolant, electrics, and chain. 

The reason for preparing it is to make sure it looks as brand new as possible. If this is done well and the bike has no serious problems, you can get a better price for it. 

Pricing Your Motorcycle

Time to price your motorcycle. How exactly do you go about it? Is it any amount you think about? So many things to consider. This isn’t a science but with some simple ideas, you can decide on a price that is fair for both you as the seller and the buyer. 

It is estimated that a motorbike loses 18% of its value immediately after riding off the purchasing dealership. Subsequently, it loses value by 10% each year. If you have used your motorcycle for say 2 years, then your aim should be around 28% off its original value as your price. 

But your motorbike may be more valuable or less. Remember these are statistics and apply only on an average level. You may have taken good care of your motorbike allowing you to ask for a slightly higher price.

Another good way is to simply visit and scan through the listings in our Scooters and Motorcycles Category. You can have a good sense of what the market is offering for your motorbike model. You would be able to set a very competitive price after this exercise. 

Other things to consider include;

Repair Costs associated with the motorbike.

The higher the costs involved, the higher the difficulty to get a high price for it.

The model of the motorbike.

Some flagship models have a better market price even after they have been used for a year or two.


The mileage indicates the total distance traveled. The higher it is, the more desirable the bike is. If the mileage is low, then the motorbike is probably feeble with numerous problems. This is based on the natural decline from use. 

Year of release

Newer models are more appealing and usually, come with better value. 

The only thing that sells on any market is value or perceived value. That means you must give a good price based on the perceived value of the motorbike. Who knows, you might even sell it at a price you never thought of. It may be valuable to someone enough. But to start the conversation, make sure your price isn’t over the line but also good enough for you. 

Steps to Successfully Sell Your Motorcycle in Ghana

Motorcycle Models in Ghana - Prices and Reviews

Hurray. You have finally decided on the price. No onward to selling your motorcycle. Deciding on the price and having it prepared is only a portion of what needs to be done. Yet another hurdle is, how, where and to whom do you sell it? All these questions are already answered. Guess what?

Tonaton has thousand of users buying and selling motorcycles daily. receives a million views monthly. If you love the convenience and don’t have an idea where to sell your motorbike, then tonaton is for you. The site allows you to post your ad in a few steps. 

All you need to do is take a few pictures of your already shining motorbike, Post a nice and presentable one though as people only contact sellers with the most attractive images. Make sure to write a few notes about the motorbike and tick that it is a used motorbike. Add the model, year, specifications such as engine and mileage, and other relevant information. Add your price and you are good to go. 

Post your ad and wait to start getting offers. 

Easy right? 

Want to sell even faster? Try these quick tips to get the best from our platform


As we promised, the post would have given you some starting points to selling your motorcycle in Ghana, hassle-free too! Please adhere to our safety precautions for a great experience. 

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