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Guide to Security Guard Job in Ghana

Security Guards in Ghana are largely used in the private sector. Companies, individuals, and public facilities require the services of security guards. As companies recover from the coronavirus, and life is taking on a new form, security guards are in high demand.  With the increase comes a need for people interested in starting a career in security to jump on such opportunities. 

Security guard jobs are on the rise on our TonatonJOBS platform and for good reason.

Security guards sometimes referred to as security officers, are responsible for several things that ensure that we are safe. The setting of work could be a corporate office, a private residence, a public facility, or even a warehouse. Warehouse jobs in Ghana are currently on the rise as companies seek more space. 

Generally, the are few barriers to entry in the security industry, but higher roles always require education, training, and experience. 

If your interest is in security, be sure to read to the end. This article will take you through what a security guard does, the roles and responsibilities they undertake, the salary you stand to make serving as security personnel, the opportunities in the industry, and how to get a job as a security guard in Ghana. 

What Does a Security Guard Do in Ghana?

Guards ensure there are security and order. They are responsible for keeping the environment within which they have been assigned safe. Guards work to ensure that the property is safe. They also make sure that the person or organization they work for is not a victim of theft, subjected to harassment, exposed to harm, and away from illegal activities. Guards protect and secure. 

The execution of these may come in the form of several different tasks. And depending on where you work, you may be stationed at a single location, be in patrol, or guarding a transport vehicle when money and other valuables are involved. 

For a bank security guard, you could be stationed at the closed-circuit TV room. From there you monitor the surveillance for any suspicious activity. Also, you may be required to respond to calls pertaining to inquiries about certain activities and general security issues. 

Recently, guards have become responsible for checking the temperature of users of facilities and also ensuring that safety protocols are adhered to. 

Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards in Ghana

  1. Secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.
  1. Obtains help by sounding alarms. When help is needed.
  1. Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.
  1. Controls traffic by directing drivers.
  1. Completes reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities; interviewing witnesses; obtaining signatures.
  1. Maintains environment by monitoring and setting building and equipment controls.
  1. Maintains organization’s stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements.
  1. Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; evaluating new equipment and techniques.
  1. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Skills Required to Become a Security Guard in Ghana

  1. Alertness
  2. Following Complex Instructions
  3. Leader and Team Player
  4. Surveillance Skills
  5. Professionalism
  6. Honesty
  7. Safety Management
  8. Physical Fitness
  9. Knowledge of Basic Security and Fire Inspection Procedures
  10. Good Communication Skills
  11. Attention to Detail 
  12. Ability to Serve Client’s Needs

How to Get a Job as a Security Guard in Ghana

Security guard jobs are one of the most flexible jobs you can have. With little to no education, you can quickly get started. However, to get to high-level roles in the security field, you will eventually need some qualifications, training, and good education. 

Lots of Security guard Jobs in Ghana do not require previous experience. However, some require some form of training in that regard.  

Few educational qualifications are required to get started. However, getting to the top management requires a good education. We would provide some qualifications you may want to have in order to gain higher-level roles especially in the management area and becoming a player in logistics and transport.  

There are many skills utilized in the security guard field. You can mostly acquire them in the field itself. 

When it comes to degrees, there are a number of programs you can enroll in to give you the edge to gain management-level roles. One of such qualifications is a degree in logistics, management, security management, forensics, asset protection, and crisis response. 

These certificates will require substantial time and funds. If you are working on a tight budget, you might want to start on the lower end of the field and learn your way through. Acquire your qualifications while learning on the job. This provides a very good mix of theory and practice giving you a greater edge over those with just one. 

Steps to Getting a Security guard Job in Ghana

The first step is to visit the TonatonJOBS platform to create a profile. It is an easy process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Creating your profile is the easiest way to build your resume which potential employers will use to shortlist you. The platform has lots of roles in Help Desk Executive, operator jobs, sales jobs, and storekeeper jobs waiting to be filled. 

The final step is to prepare for an interview. Due to the nature of the job, you can expect it will require practical problem-solving skills which you may already have. But answering the common interview questions may not be something you already know. Go through some practice. Answer any question you think might be asked. And prepare adequately for the interview.

Opportunities for Advancement in the Security Industry

Higher-level security experts definitely earn more than entry-level security guards. And there is always room at the top. If you have ambitions for getting to the top of the hierarchy, know that it is possible. 

Other opportunities lie in specializing in an area that is lucrative such as the field of online security. Examples include data security specialists. 

In general and as already stated, you would need a good deal of education and expertise to climb up to the very top. 

Top Titles in Security Management

  1. Security Director
  2. Director of Safety and Security
  3. Security Manager
  4. Risk Manager
  5. Security Consultant

Top Industries for Security Guards

  1. Technology and Internet companies
  2. Security software companies
  3. Defense companies
  4. Many government departments and defense/intelligence agencies
  5. Many IT companies, and IT divisions of companies in many industry sectors
  6. The E-Commerce sector
  7. Banks, financial firms, credit card companies


Being in the security industry allows you to protect people and the assets of your company. If you greatly desire to protect people, save lives and care for others, being a security guard is for you. And it isn’t difficult after all to get a job. Just visit TonatonJOBS!

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