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Guide to Recruitment Agencies in Ghana, The best Agencies

Recruiting the best employees is one of the core responsibilities of recruitment agencies everywhere and is no different in Ghana. Their role in any company is very important since a business or an institution is only built by the people working on it. It is therefore imperative that organisations understand the workings of recruitment agencies otherwise also known as employment agencies. 

What are Recruitment/Employment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are companies that make it their job to help other companies to find talent and recruit the best of employees. They are usually called upon to fill certain specific positions in the company. For instance, a company needs to recruit a sales representative. They can easily get what they are looking for if they approach a recruitment agency, lay down their requirements, and give the agency some time to come up with the best 5 candidates for the role. The company would then take the presented candidates through some vetting to select the best candidate. This usually is a way to fill roles fast since recruitment agencies are fast, educated, and often already have a talent pool they can pick candidates from. TonatonJOBS and our staffing solutions make for the perfect combination of an employment agency. 

What Do Recruitment Agencies Do?

Recruitment agencies have several core things that they do. However, they basically serve as a partner to companies and institutions that need either permanent or temporary employees. They can provide vetted candidates to the companies that need them either through their already existing talent pool, or they can engage in recruitment marketing on your behalf to get the talent and culture fit that you need.

Here are the core activities of recruitment agencies

  1. Creating an environment between job seekers and companies. They sometimes serve as a medium between the employers and the employees. 
  2. Recruitment agencies take care of attracting and identifying talent for a company. 
  3. They use their vast experience to vet these candidates for the company
  4. They present the best candidates to the company for their final decision on who to pick. 

Recruiting In House Vs Agency Recruitment

As a company, one of the tough decisions you would have to make concerning your human resource needs is whether to go the in-house way or get a professional recruitment agency. The short answer is, it depends. 

Recruitment agencies always seem to be one size fits all. But they also have their disadvantages, So it is helpful to be able to measure both advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. But first of all, what makes them different?

Recruiting In House 

Recruiting in-house is a great way to bring in new blood that will help you realize your institutional vision. In-house recruiting is when your internal human resources department takes it upon itself to perform all the tasks and activities involved in recruiting a new employee, either permanent or temporary. 

In-house recruitment is essential because you truly understand what you need in terms of culture fit and other requirements. Also, you can start the process with each candidate giving you enough exposure to be able to decide aspects of their character. In most cases, character is one of the hardest things to judge from the first or second meeting. 

Therefore being with them through the recruitment process allows you to vet them on your terms giving you fresh insights into their ability to perform the role. 

Agency Recruitment

Working with a recruitment agency on the other side means handing over the majority of the recruitment process to a third-party agency which is specialized in recruiting employees for companies. We will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of using recruitment agencies in the next few sections. 

Types of Recruitment Agencies

1. Temp Agencies

Temporary agencies usually provide companies with temporary employees mostly on a short-term contract basis. In most cases, this involves manual labor and other similar jobs within an organization. 

2. Employment Agencies

Employment agencies specialize in finding permanent employees for companies for a fee. TonatonJOBS Staffing Solutions is one of the best recruitment agencies in Ghana responsible for recruiting for some top firms in the country. 

3. HeadHunters / Search Firms

Head hunters are mostly used for high-level roles involving attracting specific people, sometimes from competing organisations. 

Advantages of Recruitment Agencies for Employers

1. Recruitment Knowledge and Expertise

Recruitment agencies have employment, headhunting, and finding great candidates as their daily business. They can build a lot of experience and in cases where you want to employ highly specialized people, they would be able to bring their experience to the fore. In general, they can provide what you need at a cost which may be less than if you were to try in-house recruitment. In some cases, you can find specific recruitment agencies to help you. The technology industry for instance is one you may not always understand. So it might be difficult to interview and assess a network engineer per se. But a technology-based recruitment agency can immediately know what you need from the information you give them. They will be able to vet the candidate with requisite tasks to be sure they can improve your work and help you attain your vision. 

2. Faster Recruitment Process

One of the key benefits of working with a recruitment agency is that in most cases, they can fill roles at record speed. This is because they will work for you full time. And in some cases, they may already have a talent pool. They would also usually do some marketing to get the best candidates for you.  

3. High Quality Vetted Candidates

One of the secret (or public) woes of human resource departments is the amount of CVs they get even when it is only one role available. It is worse when you are recruiting for more than one role. The pile of CVs can bury your entire HR department in work for weeks. But with recruitment agencies, all you need to do is give them the perfect recruit and they will find a match for you. But they would usually find several matches leaving the final decision up to you. 

4. Easy to Get Temporary Recruits/Employees

In cases where due to seasonal variations in employment needs, sudden emergencies, or one-time employment requirements, taking lots of time to recruit people might simply be a waste of time, energy, and money. Leaving such recruitment to agencies is mostly the most plausible idea to use. 

5. Candidate Pool You can Leverage

Over the course of the existence of a recruitment agency, most of them would take the effort to collect and organize candidates and keep their CVS and resumes. This could be good for any organization that wants to recruit employees fast. Also, you can leverage the talent pool they already have. Ideally, every organization conscious about its employee brand should have a talent pool. But what if you are just starting, or you just don’t have one? Recruitment agencies to the rescue. 

Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies for Employers

1. Lack of Direct Contact with Candidate 

Recruitment agencies take up all the recruitment processes and execute them on your behalf as a company. They take CVs and perform reviews, organize interview sessions, and do other exercises to ascertain the skills and qualifications of the candidates. An example is a driving test for recruiting drivers. Over this process, you may not be involved hence you lack the perspective that the agency has of the candidate. In the end, it’s best to trust the recruitment firm to do a good job. Don’t go for a firm you cannot trust. 

2. Lack of Employer Brand Awareness

Building a brand is one of the important things if you want to attract talented people to your organization. Multinational companies have taken time to build their “employer brands” to the extent that they are the first place fresh graduates think of when considering jobs. This extra advantage allows you to choose the best of the best to work for you. And the ripple effects of such a reputation are mind-blowing. 

3. Involves Money/Cost

It comes without saying that recruitment agencies are not free and sometimes expensive. You will have to pay big bucks if you want the best. In some cases, recruitment agencies require contracts spanning periods when you may not even require their services. TonatonJOBS staffing solutions prides itself in providing low-cost 360 recruitment for companies that need us the most. 

Top Recruitment Agencies in Ghana

1. Staffing Solutions: TonatonJOBS

2. L’aine Recruitment Services

3. HIREghana

4. Africa Manpower Ltd.

5. Careers in Ghana (CIG)


Recruitment agencies are great, and whether you should work with one will depend on your situation as a company. In most cases, a recruitment agency even as a consultancy can improve the quality of employees recruited. They have the experience and resources to give you the ideal candidates whom you then get to choose from. Get started with TonatonJOBS Staffing Solutions now!

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