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Ghanaians turn to the Suzuki Alto- A Super Compact Car

Why do we have to own a car? Whatever your reason is – during this time of petrol price hikes, it is no doubt that getting to your destination at the most practical way is a major consideration.

Nowadays, vehicles that use as little petroleum as possible are the norm as a glance at cars and vehicles listings on will show you.

All over the world Car manufacturers have taken this factor very seriously. They have created a new breed of car – the super subcompact hatchback – that not only saves a lot of fuel or money, but saves space as well. The most notable of this type of car is the Suzuki ALTO.

Imagine owning a brand-new car for as low as GHC 30,000. You will not be troubled with the high maintenance cost of regular repair. It defines automobile frugality to a new level.

No wonder Ghanaian companies, Uber drivers, individuals and families especially in Accra have taken to the Suzuki Alto.

This 5-speed manual transmission car is not only economical upon purchase but also cost-effective upon usage.

With an over-all length of about 3.5 meters and width of almost 1.5 meters, you have the power to pass-through thin thoroughfares. Its small 4.5 meter turning radius also gives you agility in heavy traffic situations and flexibility in parking conditions. Its three cylinder and computer controlled engine has a displacement of only 796 cc. You are virtually just like riding a four-wheel motorcycle in the comfort of a powerful and very cool air-conditioning system.

This car may be small in size, but is also space-efficient inside. It has a large trunk and split-fold rear seats. Personally, I was able to transport a student trunk from the mall to our house, and on a separate occasion was also able to fit-in a kiddie bmx bike, my wife and our two friends comfortably. Its additional features are a CD player with tuner, additional tail lights, rear wiper and washer.

A variant of this small-but-terrible car has a power steering wheel, power windows and power locks. I have personally tested the durability of this car in traffic condition, uphill, long distance travel, full-load, during heavy-rains, and even flood. And it never turned me down and just served its purpose very well.

Suzuki Alto is truly a budget car, but one you can never be embarrassed of. In fact, if you own this super compact car, its mighty features may even give you a reason to boast.

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