Four steps to getting the right picture for your Tonaton advert

Did you know that ads with great photos sell 5 times faster? Luckily, you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photos anymore. These days phone cameras are so good that stunning pictures are literally at your fingertips. Plus, we’ve got 4 simple steps to help make taking amazing photos child’s play.
Your photos are a vital part of your ad; they should clearly show the item you’re selling. People are much more likely to click on your advert if you have photos, so the more clear your photos are, the better your chance of selling.
Remember photos taken off the Internet that are similar to your item, won’t be accepted. Your photos need to be your own. With these 4 steps to taking good photos, your item will sell even faster on
Step 1: Lighting
If your item is portable, place it in natural daylight; take it outside or place it on a windowsill. The daylight will make your item look its best. If your item is too big to move, opening the room’s curtains and switching on the light will create the best lighting for it. If natural light isn’t available, make sure you’re well-lit room, or check your phone or camera’s lighting settings. If possible, avoid using the flash as that can be rather harsh, and your photo won’t look as good.
Step 2: Close-ups
Take photos from multiple angles. It let’s interested buyers see the whole item and decide if they want to buy it. For example, if you’re selling a car, take photos from of the whole car from a distance, get close to car shoot the lights and the interior. And, if your car has some unique features make sure to capture that and other important details. gives you the chance to post as many as 5 pictures on one item
Step 3: Be honest
Your images should show the current condition of your item, warts and all. Buyers appreciate honesty. If your item has any faults, it’s no good hiding them. Rather, let buyers see whether the flaws are fixable or aren’t a priority to them. Being honest from the start guarantees a happy buyer with no drama. There’s no such thing as TMI (too much information) when it comes to selling something!
Step 4: Get the Tonaton app
Download the tonaton mobile app, on google play  or the App Store . This makes it easy to take your photos and then post your ad.
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