Top 10 Bestselling Mobile Phones of All Time

Mobile devices didn’t always have touch screens and you could read this article on most of the phones on the list of top 10 selling mobile phones of all time. The mobile phone market has seen geometric improvements over the past decade. The phones we all now use were once science fiction. Our list will show you the top-selling phones and give you 5 facts about them. Who knows, you might fall in love with a vintage phone and buy one on Tonaton. 

Which phone do you think tops the list? Take a guess. 

You might think it is one of the devices or brands such as Apple or Samsung. If you thought so, you’d be wrong. Let’s take a look at the list of top-selling phones in 2020. 

Top Selling Mobile Phones of All Time

10. Nokia 2600 (2610/2626/2630)

The number of units sold: 135M

The Nokia 2600 was announced in the second quarter of 2004 and has since then sold enough mobile units to make the top 10 best selling phones. It has been bought 135 million times. The device itself is a feature phone and came with no camera. It also had a radio, email service as well as browsing capabilities via a wireless application protocol (WAP). You can access 2G GSM network technology on the phone. It features a 128×160 pixels display screen which was complemented by a keyboard. 

Unlike new, smartphones, most of the devices on our list allowed a limited number of SMSs and contacts which could be saved on the device. The Nokia 2600 takes only 200 contacts and 

Even though talk time on the phone is at 6 hours, the phone can last on standby for up 24 hours which is typical of the phones on this list. 

The device also games with some games for entertainment. The games were Mobile Soccer, Bounce, Nature Park. 

A few facts about the Nokia 2600

  1. It sold 135 million units
  2. It was released in 2004.
  3. The cell phone had a colour display
  4. It had a Spreadsheet feature and polyphonic built ringtones
  5. It was available in a range of colours; Tin Gray, Pearl White and Iron Blue.

9. Samsung E1100

The number of units sold: 150M

Released in June 2009, the Samsung E1100 is also known as Samsung Guru1100 and Samsung 1105T which is the FM radio version. 

As a feature phone, it came with not very exciting features comparing to the latest devices. However, the Samsung E1100 packed a 1-megabyte internal memory, 200 phone book contacts, a 750 mAh battery. 

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The device after selling 150 million units was discontinued. 

A few facts about the Samsung E1100

  1. It sold 150 Million Units
  2. Was released in the year 2009
  3. Was a feature phone
  4. Had games as part of the entertainment system
  5. It had just 1MB of internal storage

8. Nokia 5230

The number of units sold: 150M

 The Nokia 5230 was released a few months after the release of the Samsung E1100. It is the first smartphone on this list. The device as a smartphone ran the Symbian operating system.

In terms of features, it had a touch screen features hence no physical keyboard was included. It also had WLAN, BlueTooth, radio, GPS, and MicroUSB 2.0 functionalities. 

The Nokia also came with two (2) sensors: proximity sensor and accelerometer. 

I had internal storage of 70MB and a RAM of 128MB. It had a single camera at the back with a 2MP sensor. 

The Nokia 5230 was unfortunately also discontinued.

A few facts about the Nokia 5230

  1. Sold a total of 150 million units before being discontinued.
  2. It was a smartphone.
  3. It operated on the Symbian OS
  4. Its network functionalities were 2G and 3G and processed up to HSPA 3.6/0.384 Mbps
  5. Had standby time of Up to 432 h (2G) / Up to 432 h (3G)

7. Nokia 1200

The number of units sold: 150M

The Nokia 1200 was first introduced in May 2007 and later had a “Twin”, the Nokia 1208. It is the colour version of the Nokia 1200.  

The 1200 was a feature phone and came pretty much with all the features typical of a feature phone such a flashlight, limited contacts and phone book entry. It came without USB support, no Bluetooth, no radio, no GPS and no WLAN. 

It had a Monochrome graphics display with a 1.5’’ screen. Battery capacity was 700 mAh hence the device lastly long after a single charge. It is officially stated that it had a standby time of Up to 390 hours and talk time of up to 7 hours.

A few facts about the Nokia 1200

  1. It sold 150 million units before being discontinued by manufacturers
  2. It had no comms features such as USB, Bluetooth, WLAN and radio.
  3. Had a standby time of up to 390 Hours
  4. The Nokia 1208 is its “Twin” as it is the colour version of the Nokia 1200.
  5. Was a feature phone

6. Nokia 6600

The number of units sold: 150M

The Nokia 6600 may not seem like much now but at the time it was released in 2003, it was a high-end device targeting the business class. It operated the Symbian system and cost as much as 600 euros. 

This device is similar to the other devices in the series such as the  “6600 slide” and “6600 fold” models.

It was so advanced that it was considered Nokia’s most advanced device at the time of launching. 

It had features such as a music media player, video player, a VGA camera, Bluetooth functionality and expandable storage through memory card. 

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A few facts about the Nokia 6600

  1. Worked with the Symbian OS
  2. Had a 5-way joystick navigation 
  3. Streaming video and audio
  4. Discontinued in 2007
  5. Was the most advanced Nokia mobile phone upon release

5. Nokia 3210

The number of units sold: 160M

This device is one of Nokia’s legendary devices. The biggest is yet to come in our list of top 10 bestselling phones. 

The Nokia 3210 is a feature phone and has the usual features and specifications. 

However, what makes this device legendary is its battery life and its robust nature. It is simply indestructible. 

It was discontinued, unfortunately. However, it was launched in 1999 and marketed to teenagers.  

The Nokia 3210 was one of the first mobile phones to feature an internal antenna which means it didn’t have the horn-like protrusion older devices had. 

A few facts about the Nokia 3210

  1. The first phone to have an internal antenna
  2. Sold 160 million units
  3. It had Three games came preinstalled: Snake, Memory (pairs-memory game) and Rotation
  4. The 3210 was the first device that came preloaded with Nokia’s Composer software, which allowed users to manually ‘compose’ monotone ringtones.
  5. Its display was made up of just 5 lines

4. Nokia 105 (2013) and 105 (2015)

The number of units sold: 200M

Isn’t it funny how most of the phones on this list are Nokia made? Anyway… The Nokia 105 was first released in 2013 with a 1.45-inch display, 800mAh battery capacity and no camera.  

It was later also discontinued. But while it was in production, it came with Games and some Java apps such as Digital clock, Calculator, Calendar, Converter and Expense manager.

It sold 200 million units.

A few facts about the Nokia 105

  1. It was a feature phone
  2. Succeeded by the 2015 version of the same model name
  3. The Nokia 105 runs Symbian
  4. Took up to only 500 contacts
  5. Had a 384 kB RAM

3. Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The number of units sold: 222.4M

The Apple iPhone 6 and its 6 Plus are the only “Modern Smartphones” to be featured on this list. The manufacturers have sold up to 222.4 million units since its launch on September 25, 2015. 

The device is obviously the only device in its class to be listed. It comes with very high-end features compared to the other mobile phones.  

A few facts about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus 

  1. It came 3 variations, the iPhone 6, 6S and 6 Plus
  2. Best Selling Apple Phone Ever
  3. Discontinued in most markets on September 7, 2016.
  4. The design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is influenced by that of the iPad Air
  5. 222.4 Million Units Sold

2. Nokia 1110

The number of units sold: 250M

The Nokia 1110 could qualify as a cousin of the legendary Nokia 1100. The 1110 itself was released in 2005 and was followed by the 1110i in 2006.

Both devices are very similar and were designed for first time mobile phone users.

Like other feature phones, it had no exciting features except its games :). However it had pretty compelling values. The device was much preferred for its reliability, long battery life thanks to the 900 mAh li -Ion battery and low price. 

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It was later discontinued but while it was in production it came with a 4MB internal memory and could take up to 200 contacts, record up to 10 each of dialed, missed and received calls.  

It allowed instant messaging and came with the games Snake Xenzia, Dice Games, Pocket Carrom.

A few facts about the Nokia 1110

  1. Was a dual-SIM device
  2. Had changeable faceplates
  3. Demo mode for phone
  4. Sold 250 Million units
  5. Had no camera

1. Nokia 1100

The number of units sold: 250M

This phone is a number for good reason. If you do not know this mobile phone, then here are a few facts about the Nokia 1100. The Nokia 1100 was launched in 

The Nokia 1100 qualifies for a legendary phone status. It is simply indestructible, great on battery as it could last weeks if you didn’t spend much time playing Snake  II or Space Impact+.

As a feature phone, expect the usual specifications and features. The screen resolution was 4 lines (96 x 65 pixels, 3:2 aspect ratio).

The design team created the device to cater for the needs of the developing countries and for users who only wanted to make calls and send messages. 

Where it gets exciting is when you consider the resistance level of this phone. It is often joked that someone found their lost Nokia 1100 after years and it still had some battery bars. So it gets the credit for one of the longest lasting batteries in a phone. With an 850 mAh battery, the device could maintain Stand-by time of Up to 400 hours (Approx. 16 days) and Talk time of Up to 4 hours 30 min. Crazy, huh?

Due to its launch in late 2003, the price point was low in order to attract the right users and markets. This was when more advanced phones such as the Nokia 6600 were being released as well. 

A few facts about the Nokia 1100

  1. It sold 250 million units
  2. Was released in 2003 and discontinued in 2009.
  3. It allowed you to make calls, send texts and had a flashlight
  4. The Snake game was available and you could compose your own ringtones.
  5. The keypad and front face were designed to be dustproof. The best selling phone of all time had just basic functions. Nothing extraordinary.

Ever used any of these phones? How was the experience for you? Do let us know down in the comments. 

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