Five Facts About The Ten Top Selling Mobile Phones of All Time

Five Facts About The Ten Top Selling Mobile Phones of All Time

Mobile phone usage in Ghana picked up from the 90s. Currently, the penetration is such that almost every adult in Ghana has at least one phone. The world has experienced a number of brands and has seen the evolution from monophonic to polyphonic to coloured screen to touch screens. All through this evolution, which phones have caught the eyes and hearts of many across the world? Let’s learn a bit more about the top ten and see some cool facts about each.

10: Nokia 6010

  1. It sold about 75 million units
  2. It allowed MMS messaging alongside SMS
  3. It allowed 500 names in its phone book
  4. It was released in 2004.
  5. It had a standby time of 10 days.


9: Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. It sold about 80 million units
  2. It sold 20 million sold in the first two months and 40 million in the first six months.
  3. It came with a 13MP rear camera and  2MP front facing camera
  4. 16 GB internal storage and the option for microSD.
  5. It had a big screen and fixed most of the issues found with Samsung SIII.

8: Nokia 1208


  1. It sold 100 million units
  2. It was released in 2008
  3. It allowed for multi-phonebooks
  4. It had a colored screen.
  5. It had a one touch flashlight

7: Nokia 3310


  1. It sold 126 million units
  2. It remains the most durable phone ever produced. It could withstand impact from falling due to its casing and construction.
  3. It came with a built-in calculator, stopwatch and reminder.
  4. It allowed for long messages three times the standard size.
  5. It has been remodelled and released in 2017

6: Motorola RAZR V3

  1. It sold 130 million units
  2. It is the best selling clamshell phone in the world
  3. It  was released in 2004
  4. It came with a camera, Bluetooth and email accessibility.
  5. It was initially pricey after release so was a symbol of fame and riches at the time. The price later dropped and it became more accessible to everyone.

5: Nokia 2600

  1. It sold 135 million units
  2. It was released in 2004.
  3. The cell phone had color display
  4. It had a Spreadsheet feature and polyphonic built ringtones
  5. It was available in a range of colors; Tin Gray, Pearl White and Iron Blue.

4: Nokia 1200

  1. It sold 150 million units
  2. It was designed just for calling and texting.
  3. It has one of the best battery life and you could hold 60 text messages on the phone
  4. The phone was a small fit. It was 102mm tall and 44mm thin.
  5. Other phones that sold 150 million units included Nokia 6600, Nokia 5230 and Samsung E1100.

3: Nokia 3210

  1. It sold 160 million units
  2. It was released in 1998
  3. It used internal antenna and had T9 text entry
  4. It had the all-popular Snake game plus two other games and you could customize your ringtones.
  5. It was easy to change the cover of the phone.

2: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

  1. They sold 220 million units
  2. They were released in 2014
  3. They remain the best selling smartphone. Pre-orders exceeded 4 million within the first 24 hours of availability and over 10 million devices were sold in the first three days.
  4. The 128GB model was discontinued in September 2015
  5. The 16 and 64GB models were discontinued in 2016.

1: Nokia 1100

  1. It sold 250 million units
  2. It was released in 2003 and discontinued in 2009.
  3. It allowed you to make calls, send texts and had a flashlight
  4. The Snake game was available and you could compose your own ringtones.
  5. The keypad and front face were designed to be dust proof. The best selling phone of all time had just basic functions. Nothing extraordinary.


Ever used any of these phones? How was the experience for you? Do let us know.


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