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Recruiting for a job is one thing and recruiting for real talent is another. Between the two lies great creativity, due diligence, and an eye for what talent looks like. Organisations rise and fall on the ability of their employees. Their ability to get the job done effectively and efficiently is crucial for success. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a lot of effort looking for the right talent for your organization.

Social media, online job boards such as TonatonJOBS are making the process easy for employers to find the best candidates. However, you need to know what great talent is before you can spot it. That often requires a good recruitment strategy that allows you to draw from insights to pool and select the best of talent. 

What is Your Recruitment Strategy?

Where there is no plan, the plan is almost always going to fail. Planning is very important. For your organization to be able to attract and keep the best talent in Ghana, you will have to stand out from the rest. 

A recruitment strategy is a plan of how your organization will position itself to attract and recruit the best employees. It runs through the entire recruitment cycle, from planning the roles and duties, forecasting their value to the organization, posting the job, positioning your company to attract talented candidates, and finally interviewing and onboarding. In some cases, there is probation and mentorship which the new employee will undertake to grow and become part of the organization.

You can have specific strategies for different aspects of the recruitment process. For instance, you can post on TonatonJOBS as a way of exposing the opportunity to thousands of potential employees. You can also have an internship program to find potential candidates even while they are in school. 

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Having the right strategy at the right time in the recruitment process will give you the opportunity to get the best of candidates and subsequently the best talent for your organization and the role. 

We look at a few strategies for positioning your organization for recruitment success. 

Recruitment Strategies Used by Global Leading Organizations

Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program is one of the most effective ways to get current employees involved in growing the human resource of the company. 

Unlike in other organizations, the best employers make sure they have a program that allows their employees to recommend competent candidates for evaluation by the recruitment team. 

Great employees most likely hang around other great talents. And since your employees have a connection with them, they can easily persuade such amazing talents to move to your company. 

Often, referrals are good because employees who come from referrals have been shown to be fit for the culture, are more likely to be with the company for long (reducing turnover rate) and they are also likely to be more engaged in their jobs and the company in general.

To get the best out of your employee referral program, you might want to put in place an easy system and have some incentives. Also, finding creative ways to celebrate employees who have successfully gained a talent for the company is another way to create excitement around the program. 

Company Talent Pool

Recruitment is so tiring sometimes because you have to start all over each time there is an opening or when you are expanding and need extra hands. Having to find and assess fresh candidates all the time can make your brain go numb from working hard and spending lots of time interviewing and assessing candidates.

What if you didn’t always have to assess candidates anytime you are hiring? What if you had a safety pool of candidates who you know are a good fit for your company? How would that make you happy, right?

That is exactly what it means to have a company talent pool. A company talent pool is a list of qualified candidates. Qualified means you are sure they are interested and fit for your culture. They may have previously applied for a role for which they were not qualified or may simply have expressed interest in your company. 

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A talent pool is a good source of safety since you can always rely on your list if it is comprehensive to cover your occasional recruitment needs. It also helps you build a good employer brand and generate a good employer value proposition. Lastly, a talent pool helps you with your strategic planning purposes as you can fill roles in shorter times by having access to candidates who are passive. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Programs

Internships are a low-cost yet effective way to find good talent to employ. The truth about companies with loyal employers is that they are able to help fresh candidates to build a strong career with the experience they provide. 

This way, the employee becomes more than an employee but also a partner who sees the company as a contributor in their lives, and they, in turn, dedicate their time and energy to making the company successful. 

Build Your Employer Brand & EVP

Most companies are only known for either their products or services. However, companies that are attractive places for work dedicate energy and resources to developing their employer brand. 

By positioning your company as a great and amazing place to work, you will by default attract talent without having to put a lot of effort. This is because the work put in developing a good reputation as a great place to work will be in force. 

Having a strong employer brand helps you to have a better employer value proposition. The current generation of the workforce is looking for more than a paycheck from employers. They want ownership, they want freedom, they want flexibility and they want to be heard and taken care of. Gone are the days where the workplace operated like an engine. Employees are humans and deserve to be treated as such. 

Use Digital Job Platforms 

Indeed the digital world is changing and everything. Gone are the days when you sent hardcopy resumes to companies for a job. Job portals like TonatonJOBS are attractive to a pool of talent which any employer can easily look out from their profile and assess their suitability. 

You can organize and sort through applicants without having to deal with lots of paperwork. The best part is that all of this is done on one single dashboard allowing you to relax and still get the right talent you need. 

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How to Find Great Talent to Employ in Ghana

Step Number 1; Sign Up on Tonaton

Signing up on Tonaton allows you to have access to our wide network of talent and our database of people looking for jobs in different sectors and roles. 

Step Number 2; Create Your Jobs Ad

Next thing is to set up your ad. Once you are done with the payment for the service, all you have to do is wait for candidates to start applying. Alternatively, you can browse through the thousands of profiles and CV uploaded to find the best candidates. 

Our filter options will allow you to skip unqualified candidates and directly reach those you want to work with. 

Step Number: Land the Right Candidate For The Job

Once your ad is live, candidates will get alerts if they are interested in the role published. This means they can apply in a short period giving you fast rates at filling your vacancies. The good thing is all this happens on one platform. 

Bonus Strategy to Find the Best Talent to Employ in Ghana

If you prefer all your staffing needs be met by qualified and experienced agency service; Tonaton Staffing solutions was designed just for you. All you need to do is signup for Tonaton staffing solutions and the rest of your recruitment needs will be met. You get access to top candidates then you can make the final selection of which candidate you would like to work with. 


Employees are very crucial to the success of any organization, big, small, or startup. Even a sole-proprietorship depends on the ability of the owner. If you want to grow fast, increase your revenue and create value, you do it by first employing those who can make that happen. The strategies in this article have been used by top organizations and have been demonstrated to work. Ready? Start implementing them to experience the same benefits they have. 

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