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10 Facts About Samsung Phones You Didn’t Know

We have all seen the sleek, flagship, and desirable Samsung phones. Maybe you are reading this post with one of such Samsung smartphones, but what else do you know about Samsung devices and the facts behind the company that makes them? The Samsung brand was adjudged the 8th most valuable brand of 2020 in the world. The company is famously known for its electronic devices like fridges, TVs, microwaves, flagship, budget smartphones, and many other products. 

But beyond these little devices that Samsung makes, there are other aspects to the brand that the average consumer doesn’t know. Join us as we explore some ten (10) facts about Samsung phones that you didn’t know. 

10 Facts About Samsung Phones You Didn’t Know

1. Samsung Makes Two Versions of their Flagships Smartphone Devices

Snapdragon vs Exynos
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Samsung is known for their smartphones than any other thing that they make. They sell millions of smartphones and feature phones also called “Yam” in Ghana every year. But what you might not have known is that Samsung makes two versions of their flagship smartphones. They have over the years made region-based devices. For a country like Ghana, we get the international version of flagships like the S21 Series, Note 20 Series, and the S20 Series which are shipped with the Exynos chipset which is made by Samsung in-house. For the United States, and sometimes the European countries, the Snapdragon chipsets are shipped.

In most cases, both versions will have the latest from each line, whether Exynos or Snapdragon. So why bother, you may ask? The truth is that Snapdragon chips perform much better than the Samsung-built Exynos chips. Of course, this also comes with cost implications, but who wants a lesser-performing device, right? There was a public outrage a couple of months ago from the international community concerning this issue. Along with a petition for Samsung to ship international devices with the Snapdragon chips. We do hope sometime positive comes out of that. 

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2. Samsung Electronics Began in 1993

samsung electronics

We all know Samsung as “Samsung”, but things aren’t that simple on the organizational level. Samsung Electronics, the Company That makes Samsung Phones was started in 1993. That was years after the Samsung Group was started. The group started in 1938 as a trading company that sold groceries in South Korea. The company was started by a man named Lee Byung-Chul in a small town called Su-dong, now Ingyo-dong. It sold locally-grown groceries and their own made noodles. The company would eventually diversify into several industries. Samsung Electronics produces TVs, refrigerators, electric desk calculators, air conditioners, and more.

Samsung Electronics has an estimated 370,000 employees worldwide. Which exceeds that of Apple which has 80,000 employees, Microsoft which has 97,106 employees, and General Electric (GE) which has 305,000.

3. Samsung is The Parent Company of Samsung Electronics 

Samsung Electronics Began in 1993

Samsung Group was the world’s 8th most valuable brand in 2020 and is a behemoth brand covering various industries including weapons technology, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, and aircraft engines. Their popular Samsung Electronics is just one business unit for the group. The Samsung Group is made up of over 80 different businesses worldwide. As of last year, they made profits into the billions of dollars and forming about 15% of the South Korean Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

4. Samsung Made The First CDMA Phone

Samsung SCH-100

Samsung is the first company to have made a Code-division multiple access (CDMA) phone back in the late 1990s. This coincided with the public launch of the CDMA service. The Samsung SCH-100 was released back in 1996 and was very slim, quite light, and had voice calling features that were clear enough for communication.


5. Samsung Made The First “Watch Phone” or Smartwatch 

Samsung SPH-WP10

Samsung SPH-WP10 was the first watch phone and was released in 1999. Unlike current smartwatches which have to be paired with a smartphone, the 1999 Samsung SPH-WP10 had complete mobile communication features and could be used to make a voice call for up to 90 minutes after which you may need to end the call or run to grab your charger. It could be easily worn on the wrists and had timepiece features, much like an LCD digital watch. It was, however, quite bulky for a watch. 

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6. Samsung Started Making Smartphones Before Android and iOS


Samsung jumped into the smartphone game long before Android and iOS when they made the SPH-i300 in 2001. Remember Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), right? Those “Tablet-like” devices businesses executives used to plan their days and do other cool stuff. Well, Samsung took that idea and added some cool phone calling features and called it the SPH-i300.

Samsung was not the first to have made a smartphone, but they were one of the first companies present in the market to have seen the potential of the cool devices and developed products for the mass market. the SPH-i300 was made for the Sprint network and worked just like a normal PDA just that users could make calls with. The device ran on the Palm OS. It may look “not techy” enough now, but hey, it was the “best” back then. Thanks to it, we now have much better devices like the S21 Series and many other smartphones from Samsung that we all love so much. 

7. The Top-selling Samsung Mobile Phone is The E1100

Samsung E1110

It is interesting how “yam” phones have penetrated the market. But thinking about it makes much sense, we all want that less stimulating device that never dies and is always there for us even when our flagship iPhone 13 runs out of battery. And of course, we want that stability for our mobile money number so we can always track our inflow of cash, right? Well, that made the  Samsung E1110, which is a feature phone Samsung’s top-selling mobile device of all time selling over 150 million units from its release in 2009 to 2012. 

8. Samsung’s Best Selling Smartphone is the Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung E1110 being the top-selling device from the company complements the Galaxy S4 which stands at 80 million units sold and is the 14th bestselling smartphone of all time. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in 2013 which 2GB of RAM, with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage options, and a battery capacity of 2,600mAh. 

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9. Samsung Could Have Been The Owner of Android

samsung could have owned android PCMag

In hard times, back in 2004, the founders of Android were seeking funding to continue to make the software. The team of eight (8) traveled to South Korea to meet with the Samsung team to propose their idea to Samsung, but the 8 were shocked to be laughed at by the 20 Samsung executives who were present at the meeting. THings, however, would turn good for the android team when only two (2) weeks later Google made the move to acquire the company for only $50 million dollars. This is the story of how Samsung had a great opportunity and laughed their way out of it. Android was bought by Google in early 2005. 

10. Samsung Shipped 215.8 Million Smartphones in 2020

2020 was a good year for Samsung as it sold a staggering 215.8 million smartphone units worldwide. This made Samsung the largest smartphone maker in the world as they exceeded the next three smartphone sellers all combined in 2020. 


There is much more to Samsung than meets the eye. The company has grown from a small-town grocery store to selling locally produced items and their own made noodles to the world’s 8th most valuable brand. It is almost as if the founder of Samsung had seen the future when he named his company Samsung, translated as “Three Stars” in Korean which traditionally means something big. What new did you learn about the brand? If you’re feeling lucky, you might want to check out some of the latest Samsung devices on Tonaton.com. 

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