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What exactly is business casual?

“Semiformal”, “Cool casual”, “Relaxed retro”, “Country club”. Fashion icons like to throw out dress code terms and phrases as if they were an actual.

“Business Casual” for instance, is the most intriguing phrase of many companies. Such an oxymoron. But what comes to mind when as a new employee you are told the company dresses in a business casual form?

You would probably stay on Google all night or call that one fashion-conscious friend. Below are some appropriate and inappropriate outfits to try when putting together a business casual look


  1. Wear clothes that cover your body parts properly. Avoid distracting, tight, revealing, loose or low-cut clothing. By all means avoid wearing clothes that causes your undergarments to be visible.

  2. Wear Jeans and Sneakers if only they are approved by your manager.

  3. Wear business-appropriate casual shirts, polo shirts, sweaters and blouses and avoid athletic clothing like sweatpants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, tight-fitting stretch pants and leggings.


  4. Wear dress shoes (for men and women) and dress sandals (just for women, most likely) and avoid flip-flops, clogs, rubber-soled sandals or slippers.

  5. Wear office appropriate colours like nudes, black, brown, and grey. You can spice up your look with a bright color but avoid too many colors.

  6. Also avoid hats, hoodies and clothes that have offensive political or religious inscriptions on them.

  7. It takes time to understand every company’s definition of a business casual look, so take all the time you need by dressing formal and learning to cut down the formal look bit by bit till you got it right.


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