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What is The Dream Job? – A Guide to Tertiary Institution Leavers

The days of daydreaming about stethoscopes and wigs are long gone and in its stead, you’ve probably been hit by reality and you are evaluating all your options. You couldn’t follow through with those ambitions and that’s not to say you failed at any point in time but you just realize you wanted different things from what your parents and society drummed into your head.

Now you are finishing your last papers and looking for an avenue to quick start life, have all those fancy things you’ve always wanted and live the life. Congrats on your successful completion of your tertiary education, but do you know what the DREAM job means? What does it take to get it eventually? How different is it from the everyday 9am to 5pm jobs? Well these steps have you covered when trying to figure these things out.

photography job

What are you passionate about currently?

There is certainly one thing you discovered about yourself in school that makes you super excited each time. This is the things that inspires you to dream and live that superhuman fantasy. And in today’s constantly growing world, they vary from social media management to freelance writing to photography job. So do you think it is rewarding enough to forsake the high paying and more prestigious accounting job  your parents found for you?

How has your previous work culture been like?

Finding and growing a dream job is not just about the talent or prospects they offer but also finding and building a culture that resonates with your basic environment. It includes your willingness to grow and learn, the viability of the working environment; and matching them to past experiences or encounters. With all these sorted, you need someone with the right set of knowledge in the field to help you sail through.

Picture yourself in the future

Now that you have all your confusion sorted, you need to have an image of yourself doing the job in mind. It is not enough knowing and accepting everything at your disposal, you need to also picture or visualize yourself doing the work. Is it going to be the traditional 9am to 5pm work or can you work from the house? How will you look on the job: casual or as formal as possible? These questions and others are supposed to help you analyze and decide on your options when you find that dream job.

Find the job!!!

Now this is the part where most people find a lot of avoidable difficulties. Finding your dream job is not that much of a hustle as it is made to be seen. With tons of job openings in Accra on, you don’t have to go through the challenge of moving from one firm to the other. So just save yourself the hustle and go to and thank us later.

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