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Don’t Interview, Just Pitch

Finding a job has never been easy. With a long list of graduates and an unequal number of job opportunities, you need to reconsider your stands when looking for a job. The traditional system of finding a job has changed and you need to evolve with it. The system of looking for jobs with CVs in hand and a prim and properly rehearsed words has moved and this is why…

  • In an interview, it is always important to know and understand the challenges of your potential employer. The point of being employed is to solve problems and if you have a readily made solution for an existing problem, the better your prospects of getting the job ahead of the competition.


  • There is nothing as important in an interview as getting straight to the point without complicating your answer. The point is, you know and understand your stuff. After all, if you believe and know all the things that make you the best candidate, explaining or giving an answer shouldn’t be a problem.



  • Research accounts for winning the job. The importance of research cannot be overemphasized. It is what will get you to understand what you are in for and not to shoot yourself in the foot when some questions are thrown at. The research will give you an upper hand.


  • Previous job experience and real life instances also offer a foot in the door since you get to put yourself in the situation and provide an answer for them. It doesn’t hurt to give them a reason why you’re the best qualified aside the ‘Team Player, Motivated and Passionate’ qualities you’ll add to your CV.



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