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CV Writing Tips; How To Write A Catchy Career Objective

CV writing is an old practice centered around providing a potential employer with your value proposition often from your best experiences in education, your profession, and your skills. Your career objective is mostly the first thing a reviewer will take a look at on your CV because it lays bare your career goals. Does your career goal/objective make room for your current application? Why is this opportunity important to you and your future? 

To land the job of your dreams or a great opportunity, you need to craft a very compelling career objective that helps you state your goals as well as make you stand out from the rest of the pack. 

A great career objective is important in CV writing and can make or break your chances of getting an opportunity. A career objective is a summary of your professional goals. If you are still wondering what exactly a career objective is, here is a definition you can work with.

What is a Career Objective?

A career objective is a brief statement spanning a few sentences and placed right after your basic information; Your name, etc The career objective as suggested by the name is a summary of your career goals while hinting at your valuable skills and experiences.

It is estimated that the average time spent on a resume or cv is only 6 seconds. Some compare your career objective to an elevator pitch. However, your CV has less than 30 seconds (Typical time allowed for elevator pitch) making it difficult to grab the attention of the reviewer. 

How to Craft a Career Objective

  1. Think About Your Career Aspirations and Set Goals

How do you write a career objective without a personal understanding of your career and professional goals? 

The best way to write a career objective is to know what you want to achieve, decide how you want to achieve it. Then, create a growth plan. 

Also, you need to have goals. Your career goals will help you figure out how the current opportunity helps you achieve your long-term goals. A good recruiter will be looking for such motivation from an employee. 

How do you do this? You can start by taking inventory of your personality, your experiences, and your aspirations. They will guide you to what goals to set for yourself. 

  1. Be Brief in your Statement

A career objective can be likened to an elevator pitch, but in this case, you have less than 6 seconds to prove your value. 

You need to be concise and brief; presenting your best. 

  1. State Your Strengths

Your strengths are important because they represent the value and potential of your abilities. You need to put your best foot forward because everyone will be doing the same. Your goal should be to stand out before you can be considered for any opportunity. The chances of making the next step are slim unless you impress them. 

  1. What are you Best Known For?

Your personality is something that has no replica. No matter how many things you have in common with someone, your personality will never be the same as theirs. Hence, it makes a whole lot of difference to present a part of your personality and character in your career objective. CV writing involves telling the other person all your value and that includes your personality. 

Career Objective Examples

Career Objective for Public Sector – When Applying for Government Jobs

Anticipate needs of management at the Labor Commission of Ghana in a secretarial position. Apply experience with good communication and Microsoft Office to manage internal and external communications after 10 years as a secretary.

Career Objective for Students

Computer science student with aptitude for information systems analysis and computer programming, seeking an intern position as an IT support to professional workers to develop my potentials while performing the necessary tasks.

Career Objective for Salespeople

Passionate Sales Executive position for X Company. Bringing 5+ years of retail sales experience with the ability to provide exceptional customer service and high closing rates. Known to generate and retain customers to achieve the company’s sales targets.

Career Objective for Receptionist

An enthusiastic and committed receptionist seeking a position with Company Ghana Ltd. to bring professionalism and poise to their front line. Proven efficiency in operating a multi-line phone system, providing clerical support, and dealing capably with customers and queries. Detail-orientated and highly organized with a desire to meet and exceed visitor expectations.

Career Objective for Marketing Executives

Intuitive Marketing Executive adept at increasing revenue and profits through diligent research and efficient resource allocation. Especially skilled at maximizing profits while working within a limited marketing budget. Specialize in identifying client needs and offering practical short-term and long-term solutions.

Career Objective for Fresh Graduates

Seeking a position as a recent graduate of Business Administration in a reputable organization that will provide an opportunity for me to use my skills to create compelling press releases for clients.

CV Writing Tips; Crafting the Perfect Career Objective

  1. Generic Vs Specific

You can use a generic career objective on your CV when you are giving your CV out to someone to submit to opportunities on your behalf. Since you cannot be sure of the opportunity, you cannot go into details about your experiences and skills that would match.

Be very specific when applying for opportunities you know what you are getting in. Highlight your experiences, education, and skills that will communicate the best value to them. 

  1. A Career Objective is not a personal mission statement and neither is it a personal profile.

It needs to be said that a career objective is different from a mission statement and at the same time different from a personal profile. 

A career objective is a brief statement about you, your skills, and your career goals. It doesn’t go into details about your experiences and your personality but it mentions the most important. 

  1. Go Beyond “To Get a Job” 

It is already known that your primary objective for the CV is to obtain a role. So move beyond that and give actual career objectives of yours, your value, and a little bit about your personality. 

  1. State what you are looking for and what you are bringing to the table

It is common to state either one of the above; Your expectations such as to work with a reputable company or to dwell on your qualifications alone. A good career objective balances what you want and what you have to offer. 


The benefits of taking time to craft a compelling career objective when writing your cv are immediate. In most cases, the first thing looked at is your career objective. What will it say about you?

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