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Is the chairless office practical?

Is the chairless office practical
When you have plans to remodel your existing office space or to move into a new space, you may be in the market to purchase office furniture. Most offices today have typical cubicle-style desks and chairs, and some managerial-style desks may be larger in size with more features. While requiring your employees to sit at a desk all day is one option available, you may consider the practicality of investing in standing desks. These have been successfully implemented in numerous offices around the world with great results, and you may be pleased to enjoy these same benefits in your office space. In fact, after you spend time learning more about how these desks have improved work functions in many offices in Ghana and around the world, you may be ready to try this type of furniture out for your own office.

What Is a Chairless Office?
A chairless office is an increasingly popular in many areas of the world, and this includes in Ghana. Rather than installing standard-sized desks and cubicles for your office with accompanying chairs for your staff members to sit in all day, you can invest in taller desks that place the work area at arms’ length when an individual is standing. There is some challenge associated with creating this type of work environment in your office. The most significant challenge relates to the large variation in heights amongst workers, and it may be necessary to invest in customized desks, adjustable work areas or steps for your workers to stand on. After all, some employees may be shorter than five feet tall while others may be a foot or more taller than these petite workers. This can promote ergonomics and efficiency amongst all employees.

The Benefits of a Chairless Office?
With a chairless office, your workers will be standing at their desks all day rather than sitting, and this offers you and them numerous benefits. In many office environments, workers must interact with each other numerous times per day. They may regularly approach other people’s desks and may have others approach them. They may get up frequently to visit the fax machine, copier machine or other areas of the office. With a chairless office, the workers seem more approachable to others, and this fosters collaboration and unity in the office. It also can improve efficiency. There is less inclination for workers to sit back and relax when they are standing at their desk or moving around. They may be more likely to focus on the task at hand than to sit around and daydream or lose focus on their work activities. Many workers also find this to be more comfortable and practical, and it can eliminate many aches and pains associated with desk work.

Is This Practical For Your Needs?
When you think about whether standing desks are suitable for your office, you should think about the work activities that your workers normally do during the day. If you have a data entry office with workers who only get up and move around on a limited basis, a standing office environment may not be practical. You may want your employees to sit down and focus on their work activities. However, if you notice that your workers get up and move around several times per hour or more, a standing office environment may be practical and may improve productivity and efficiency. In many offices in Ghana, the Internet connection is slow, and workers spend time on their mobile devices rather than on equipment tied to their desks. Your workers may use hand-held tablets and cell phones frequently, and encouraging them to move around can be truly beneficial.

Utilizing a Partially Chairless Office Environment
In some offices in Ghana, there may be a need for both types of office environments. On days when the Internet connection is slow, for example, movement between workers in the office may increase. When a worker needs a fast answer to a question for a client on his or her mobile phone, walking into the next room to get the answer may be ideal. However, there may also be long hours when these same individuals need to sit down and work on files on the computer. In some offices, a partially chairless environment makes sense. For example, workers may have tall desks with stools, and they may be able to stand up and work. They may also choose to pull up a tall chair or stool to sit down when they need to focus on their computer. Keep in mind that this type of functional or dual-purpose desk is not possible with a lower desk. It is only possible if you have taller desks installed in your space.

How to Find Affordable Furnishings
While there are many types of furnishings that you may need to invest in, you may be focused on trying to find the best deal possible. After all, you may need to outfit a large area or your entire office with new furnishings. While buying brand new pieces is one option, you may consider the benefit of purchasing second hand office furniture. You can easily located used office furniture of all types through Tonaton.com, and you can also sell your existing furniture to get a profit from it. Selling your existing pieces that you plan to retire is a great way to find extra capital that can be used toward your purchase.

If you are not certain if this type of office environment is ideal for your office, you may consider instituting a partially standing environment with several employees. Pay attention to how often they sit versus stand up, and request their feedback on the new situation. You can invest in used office furniture today to locate affordable pieces that are suited for your needs, and this is a great way to see if transitioning to this type of work environment will be beneficial for your entire office.

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