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Careers Working With Animals in Ghana

If the idea of careers working with animals in Ghana interests you, there are a lot of options that are available. A lot of people automatically think of veterinarians when it comes to looking after dogs, cats, and other animals, but there are many careers in which you can work with animals that don’t require such extensive schooling. Many of the jobs available in which you can work with animals provide licensing or certification after completing required courses. Before you make a decision about a career, find out what training or credentials are required. Here are some of the professions in Ghana that allow you to work with dogs.

Becoming a Dog Breeder

If you choose to get into dog breeding, you must decide if you want to keep females and males, or just females. Learn as much about the breed standard as you can. Attend dog shows and talk to breeders and judges. People with a lot of experience judging competitions can tell you what to look for in specific breeds. Buy the females that you’ll be breeding from a reputable breeder. If the breeder has already won a lot of shows, the chances are that the puppies for sale will compete well.

Make sure your puppy is properly trained and start showing him. The more titles you win, the better your reputation will be. As a responsible breeder with a good reputation, when clients want dogs for sale, they’ll trust you to provide a dog or puppy that’s bred for temperament and good confirmation.

When it comes time to breed your dogs, you’ll have a better perception of the male will complement your female and produce puppies with good confirmation, if you attend a lot of shows. See the dams and sires of the breed you’re interested in, so you’ll know what judges look for.

Dogs should be bred to produce puppies with good temperament and confirmation. By all means have a contract which specifically states the terms and the amount that the owner of the sire will be paid, and provisions about choosing any of the puppies. Dogs for sale should only be sold to responsible owners, and it’s not out of line to ask for references.

Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Although it isn’t necessary to be certified to be a dog walker or pet sitter, you have more credibility if you are certified. Earning accreditation as a certified pet sitter shows clients that you have all the skills and the knowledge necessary to provide compassionate and professional pet care.

Certified pet sitters are trained in keeping pet dogs comfortable and happy while you’re away. Caring for pets in the owners home is a great way to earn a full-time or part-time income. Some pet sitters have an established client base and may have assistants working with them to ensure that the pets in their care get all get the specialized attention they need.

Pet Groomers

Looking after dogs can also involve jobs as pet groomers. A groomer may work out of their own home or at a location where there are puppies for sale, such as a retail store. Many grooming salons have gone state-of-the-art and provide a variety of services for pets.

Courses are available which can get you certified in a few weeks to be a pet groomer. Some groomers also have the facilities to board pets while owners are away. This can be a lucrative career, especially when you have regular clients.

Dog Trainers

Highly skilled trainers are always in demand. Basic and advanced obedience training is available for owners and their pets so that they understand and respond to commands, and are properly socialized. In addition to obedience training, some trainers choose to specialize.

Working with pet owners to teach skills for agility competitions or to teach owners how to show their pets in the show ring are skills that any animal lover can develop with the proper training. Agility training not only involves teaching specific skills, but building confidence between the pet and owner or handler. Another specialty for a trainer is to work with animals that are fearful or have aggression issues that must be curbed quickly. Some trainers will board an animal they’re working with for an extended period if the aggression is serious enough. When the training is complete, the animal is returned to the owner.

Boarding Kennels

Keeping pet dogs for owners while they’re away on business or vacation at a boarding kennel is a great business for someone who loves animals and has the dedication to care for all their needs. When you work at a boarding kennel, you’ll be expected to make sure pets are fed the proper nutrition according to the owner’s instructions. They must be exercised or walked daily.

Many boarding kennels provide air conditioned facilities in climates that are hot, and often have separate rooms for cats on the premises. It’s important to make sure that pets get plenty of attention while the owner is gone to make them feel safe and secure.

Doggie Daycare

This concept is becoming very popular with pet owners who want to leave their pets in responsible hands while they’re at work or have other obligations during the day. Working at a daycare facility provides you with the opportunity to interact with a lot of pets, make sure they get exercise, and can participate in activities that are stimulating. A daycare is perfect for a new pet that the owner wants to socialize at an early age.

Buying and Selling Pets

Whether you want to adopt a pet as a companion, are looking for pets to breed, or need special services for your pet, it’s important to always make sure that you’re dealing with reputable people who are offering legitimate services. When you need boarding or daycare services and your pet will be away from you, always check their credentials to ensure that your pet is getting compassionate, experienced care.

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