Car Rentals in Accra; Prices and Where to Rent

Car Rentals in Accra become necessary once in a while and for some, it may even be a part of how they move around on a daily basis. As a tourist, moving around in Accra may require renting a car for your stay in Accra.

There are various reasons you may want to rent a car. We covered most of that in our guide to renting cars in Ghana. Here’s a summary. 

Renting a car not only provides you the convenience of owning your own car as compared to using Uber that tends to be much more expensive, Taxis, or Trotros that tend to be much inconveniencing. Rental cars stand the best chance of giving you comfort and convenience especially when you are moving with a team or group of people. 

Car rentals in Accra is also great due to the cost and budget factor involved in moving at your own time in Accra. If you have been in Accra for a while, you will know the traffic situation doesn’t get any better no matter the time of the day. And it gets worse during rush hours like the morning and evening commute hours lasting till late evening. 

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Accra Car Rental Companies in Ghana

Franko Car Rentals

Franko Car Rentals is a specialized car rental company that deals in various cars with features such as fully air-conditioned cars, automatic and electronic drive cars, and more. They also engage in educational tours, cultural heritage tours, vacation trips, and more. Visit Franko Car Rentals on Tonaton to find out more. 

Royal Ride Company Limited

Royal Ride Company Limited (RRCL)  provides associated companies with vehicles for their use at very competitive prices. All you need to do is complete a simple form, agree to terms and enjoy our excellent service. Royal Ride Company Limited’s objective is to make your renting of cars in Ghana easy, safe, and enjoyable at very competitive rates. We aim to bring a higher service quality to the rental service industry in Ghana and have designed our services around your needs. To rent a car in Accra from Royal Ride, visit their Tonaton Shop to get started. 


S.K. Consulting is a real estate development agency located at Nungua Beach road operating as a property management, house and apartment rentals, and sales. Part of their services includes car rentals and anyone looking to rent a car in Accra can readily do so at the S. K. Consulting Tonaton shop.  

According to their shop on our platform,  “At S.K. Consulting, we pride ourselves in our ability to give our clients customer satisfaction and value for money. We understand that housing is an important aspect of life and it is, for this reason, that for the many years that S.K. Consulting has been in existence, we have made your housing needs our priority.”

Car Rental Booking Platforms in Ghana/Accra

Car rentals in Accra booking services are not technically rental companies. Instead, they serve as a platform where you can have access to some listed rental companies. They usually have a booking system to facilitate the process. 

  • Kayak
  • Economy Bookings
  • Momondo
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How to Rent a Car on Tonaton in Accra

Tips to Help you Rent the Best Cars

1. The first step is to visit Tonaton.com

Tonaton is an online marketplace with lots of categories of products and services including car rentals in Ghana and Accra. 

2. Navigate to the “Vehicles” category. 

Select the “vehicles” category on the homepage of Tonaton

3. Proceed to select “Rentals”

Next is to select “rentals” from the left side panel of sub-categories. You will find different categories like Trucks, Buses and more. Choose “Rentals”.

4. You have successfully filtered your way to the rental cars available.

Now you will be able to see all the latest cars available for rent. To find rental cars for only Accra, use the location filter at the left side just below the categories. 

5. Compare Pricing and services and make your choice.

There are lots of cars available for rent in Accra and other parts of Ghana. Take your time to shortlist a few of them. Get at least 3 of them and contact them for more details. But first, make inquiries about their processes, features, and payment options available. 

Enjoy your ride. 

Bon Voyage!

Accra Car Rental Tips

1. Prospect More Than One Rental Company

It’s better to have more options than you can narrow down to one than banking all hopes on one service. With multiple services, you can compare and contrast rates, features, and support in order to make the best decision. 

2. Do A Check on the Company

It is advisable to get to know the company from which you are renting. Rental services on Tonaton are duly verified and trusted partners you can work with. 

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3. Create a Budget 

Budget is very critical in determining which company to go with. The prices vary usually based on the duration, the car type, and whether you want your own driver or you prefer a self-drive option. 

4. Do a Road/Journey Check

If you have never traveled the road, it’s best you do some background checks to know just what you will be dealing with. Not all roads are tarred and some could be challenging to travel in with certain cars. 


Renting cars in Accra is one of the best ways to get around if you are on a tight schedule and need to move around quickly. With so many places to go, an Uber would be simply expensive and Taxis are not very accessible everywhere. Getting a rental car is a most convenient and probably cost-effective way of enjoying your time with ease and peace of mind.

FAQs About Car Rentals in Accra

How much does it cost to rent a car in Accra Ghana?

GH¢250 per day or $42.16 per day is the starting price for most car rental services. Car Rental companies would often have a suite of options and obligations for the renter.

Where can I find cheap car rental deals?

Tonaton.com is Ghana’s largest car rental marketplace where you can find various vehicles for rent at affordable prices.


How much does it cost for a rental car per day?

The average rental cost for a car is GH¢250.


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