Buying and Selling: A Guide to Chromebook Laptops

Buying and Selling: A Guide to Chromebook Laptops
Buying or selling a laptop is a major decision for most individuals. Potential buyers need to make a number of decisions before finally selecting a device. Sellers need to be sure that the device they are selling is well-described and reasonably priced.

What are Chromebooks?

For an increasing number of buyers, Chromebooks are becoming a great alternative to standard laptops. Whereas most computers run an operating system provided by Microsoft (Windows), Apple (OS X), or occasionally Android, Chromebooks run their own unique operating system, known as Chrome OS. Interestingly, the Chrome operating system is based on the Linux operating system that was particularly popular during the 1990’s. Needless to say, the Chrome operating system is nothing like the Linux-based systems of days past. The Chrome OS looks very much like the operating systems offered by Microsoft and Apple, while also incorporating stylistic elements from Google Chrome’s popular web browser.

The main reason users choose to purchase Chromebooks is their affordability.

The majority of Chromebooks listed on the Tonaton marketplace are extremely affordable. Most Chromebooks available on Tonaton cost between GH₵ 400 and GH₵ 1,200. Though some Chromebooks are expensive, these prices are very reasonable compared to Apple Macbooks, for instance, which often cost GH₵ 3,000 or more.

Are you trying to decide whether a Chromebook is the right choice for you?
Consider asking yourself the following questions to help you decide.

* 1.) What do I want to do with my computer?

The functionality of your computer should be your main guide in the selection of your new device.

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Light computer use generally involves surfing the internet, checking and composing emails, storing photos, and other non-intensive tasks.

Moderate computer use involves document creation and media streaming, including watching videos and music. Users may also casually play online games and run computer applications.

Intensive computer use includes editing videos and audio, working with high-definition photos, and playing graphics-intensive games.

If you will be using your computer for light to moderate use, a Chromebook is ideal for you. These computers are generally not designed for heavy-duty use. If you are looking for a more powerful computer with a strong processor and ultra-HD screen, you will not want to choose a Chromebook. In general, however, a Chromebook is an excellent choice. These computers meet the work and play needs of most computer users.

* 2.) How large do I want my computer to be?

Chromebooks come in a handful of sizes and dimensions. Most Chromebooks, however, tend to be fairly small and compact. The majority of Chromebooks come two sizes, with 11.6″ or 13.3” displays. Though it is possible that larger Chromebook computers may be offered in the future, it appears that almost all of the current options are 14” in size or smaller. If you are looking for a larger computer, a Chromebook might not be for you.

* 3.) Do I want to purchase a specific brand of computer?

Chromebooks are currently offered by a number of brands and manufacturers. As of November 2014, Chromebooks are available from the following brands in the given sizes/models:

– Acer Chromebook 11 (11.6″) and 13 (13.3″), Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6″), and Acer C720P Chromebook (11.6″ touchscreen)
– ASUS Chromebook C200 (11.6″) and ASUS Chromebook C300 (13.3″)
– Google Chromebook Pixel (12.85” touchscreen)
– HP Chromebook 11 (11.6″) and HP Chromebook 14 (14″)
– Lenovo Chromebook N20P (13.3″ reversible screen)
– Samsung Chromebook (11.6″) and Samsung Chromebook 2 (11.6″ or 13.3″)
– Toshiba Chromebook (13.3″) and Toshiba Chromebook 2 (13.3″)

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These computers are all distinct from one another in design; they do, however, run the same Google Chrome operating system. Most are relatively inexpensive except for the Google Chrome Pixel, which costs much more than its competitors.

* 4.) How much battery life do I want?

Each Chromebook offers a distinct battery life, some better than others.

These are the current approximations of battery life for each brand’s Chromebook models.

– Acer: 7.5 to 13 hours
– ASUS: 10 to 11.5 hours
– Google: 5 hours
– HP: 6.5-9.5 hours
– Lenovo: 11.5 hours
– Samsung: 7-8.5 hours
– Toshiba: 9-11 hours

* 5.) How much money can I afford to pay for my computer?

Most consumers will find that Chromebooks are a more affordable option than traditional laptops running other operating systems. These computers cost a fraction of the price of Microsoft and Apple OS-based computers offered by the same brands. Chromebooks are far less expensive than other laptop options while offering roughly the same features and functionality.

The best low price laptop on our list is the Toshiba Chromebook 2. This excellent computer offers the best overall screen, battery life, and build of all of the Chromebooks we’ve reviewed. Even so, all of these cheap laptops are excellent choices for buyers on budgets. You truly cannot go wrong in choosing a Chromebook.

Chromebook Laptops for Sale on Tonaton

Currently, a number of these excellent Chromebooks are available for purchase through Tonaton.

Acer, HP, and Samsung computers are currently the most popular Chromebook models available for sale through the online marketplace. Most likely, more Chromebooks will become available as more brands enter the market and begin selling their products internationally.

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For Sellers:

Be sure to provide all of the above information to your potential buyers when listing a Chromebook for sale online. As there are many different Chromebook models, be sure to specify screen dimensions, touchscreen capabilities, computer weight, brand, retail price, and any other details buyers may find useful when deciding to purchase the device. If possible, reference laptop reviews for your specific Chromebook to reassure your buyers about the quality of your product.

In Conclusion

There are many excellent Chromebooks on the market. These computers are a solid and affordable alternative to traditional computers and tablets. Purchasing a Chromebook just might change the way you look at computers forever.

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