Buying a Laptop for Your Children

Buying a Laptop for Your Children
As technology makes its way into classrooms and schools around the world, teaching children the basics of computers can be beneficial both to their education and to their job prospects, as many careers require their employees to be fluent in basic word processing and Internet applications.

Wear and Tear Ready
While some high-end computer models can withstand being fragile because of their use primarily by gentle adults, laptops designed for children are much sturdier and contain less-fragile components. They are designed to be tossed around and can take a beating before needing to be repaired. Some laptops for sale come highly reviewed by parents because of their sturdiness and ease of use for kids.

Travel Friendly
Unlike desktop computers, if your child has a laptop-computer they can travel with, they can work on schoolwork when they’re not at home. If you’re trying to plan a family trip, a portable computer will give your child the freedom to work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Screen Size
As tablets and smartphones get smaller, computer screens seem to be getting bigger. Laptop reviews show that many computer users favor larger screen sizes because it makes text and pictures easier to see. As high definition media becomes even more popular, having a screen big enough to accommodate beautiful video and pictures is a great tool for learning.

WiFi Ready
Most new devices are equipped with wireless internet cards, meaning they can connect to the Internet anywhere there is an available WiFi connection. This makes working away from home much easier, as many cafes and restaurants around the world now offer WiFi hotspots to their guests.

Reading Reviews
Before you buy a new device, you should always research laptop reviews for the model of computer you’re looking at. Online reviews can provide real customer insight into how a laptop performs and how child-friendly it may actually be. Doing research before you purchase will make you happier over the long-term with your purchase decision.

Keeping the Price Cheap
Cheap laptops are nothing new, but an effort has been made in recent years to try and add to the market share of cheap laptop manufacturers. Cheap laptops are specifically designed to be used for a short period of time and upgraded when the next version comes out. Because of their short lifespan, they’re suitable for kids who may not have ever used a computer before. Finding the best low price laptop for your child to use to gain the experience of using a computer can help avoid costly mistakes with a higher-end model.

Alternatively, you can use websites like Tonaton to find cheap, used laptops for sale. While used computers are rarely the newest models available in stores, they’re a great alternative to spending a fortune on a brand new computer for your child.

Also, because laptop-computers are synonymous with being expensive they are often the target of petty theft. A stolen laptop would be devastating, but if the computer was inexpensive to begin with, the loss doesn’t have to be as crippling.

Features to Look For
Among the best low price laptop options on the market are laptops with 11-13 inch screens. These laptops make doing schoolwork easy for younger children and are able to handle basic high-definition video tasks and application processing. As children get older they may ask for larger screens to play games or interact more fully with the media-rich web, but for younger children the smaller screens and basic processing capabilities are typically more than enough to get a child learning the basics of computing.

Remember that most cheap laptops are being marketed and advertised to adults, not children, because adults are the ones making the purchasing decision, not the children. While your children may be enticed by fancy colors and design shape, staying educated with online reviews will help you make the best decision possible for your child.

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