Buyers Guide To DSLR Cameras

When you want to make it simple to upload photos of the beautiful Ghana countryside, the images should already be in a digital format. This means that you want to buy a DSLR camera so that your images are digital from the very beginning. This makes it easy to post photos online and share them with friends and family members. You won’t have to worry about finding a place to have film rolls developed and then scan them in.

Buying a DSLR camera can seem overwhelming, though this guide will walk you through the entire process so you know how to get the best one for the money.

The Difference Between SLR and DSLR

SLR stands for single lens reflex, which means that you are shooting the images through the camera lens instead of a viewfinder. It is not the same as a point and shoot because it involves aiming the camera at the subject a little more thoroughly. Regardless of whether you want to photograph a dense forest, friends along the shoreline, or night skies, you can take some incredible photos with a SLR.

The difference between an SLR and a DSLR is simple. An SLR camera is going to use film to capture the images while a DSLR is going to use digital storage. As you explore the various DSLR cameras, you will want to see how the storage is contained. Some cameras use internal memory while others use various cards and sticks to hold the memory. The latter is the better option simply because it makes it possible to have more storage. You can then opt for larger images so that you can be sure to blow up the images of Ghana as large as you want.

Features to Explore with DSLR Cameras

There are lots of features to explore with DSLR cameras and you will want to know about them so that you can shop the various models. Some cameras are only $100 while others can be $3,000 or more. Obviously, there is a significant difference in the features that are included based upon the price. You likely have a budget that you want to adhere to and knowing the features that you want will help you to find the best camera to meet your artistic needs.

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Megapixels are one of the most important features. This is what determines the overall quality of the image. The more megapixels, the more clarity will be found in the photo. You will be able to print bigger photos and even crop in on the image to get rid of some of the background that you don’t wish to save. When you find cameras that have 10 megapixels and more, you can expect to spend more, but you will also have better quality photos.

Another aspect to look into is whether it is “body only” or a “kit.” The body of the camera means that you get the camera, but not the lens. Obviously if you don’t have any lenses that will fit the camera, you will need to get some. The lenses can be just as much as the camera body itself and sometimes even more. The lenses will determine what kind of aperture you can use as well as how close or far away you can be from the subject. For example, a 60mm lens will allow you to get a wide-angle shot while a 200mm lens will allow you to take photos of things far away. If you found a bird that was 50 feet away in the dense forest of Ghana, you could get a close-up if you had a 200mm lens mounted to your camera body.

A kit will provide you with a body and a lens. This is often known as a starter kit because you won’t need anything else. However, you want to make sure that the kit contains a lens that you actually want to use.

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Another feature to look into is DSLR video functions. Some of the newer DSLR cameras also offer the ability to take video in addition to SLR. Some professional movie producers have even used DSLR cameras to shoot on scene, which shows the power of the cameras on today’s market.

The features should be read before you buy any camera. You want to know what is included, how much control you have to change features such as aperture, shutter and ISO, and how to charge the camera so that it is always working when you want to take pictures.

Digital SLR Camera Reviews

When you are going to spend the money on DSLR cameras for sale, you will want to get familiar with what the reviews have to say about models. If you use the Internet to learn more about models, you can view the star ratings to see what people have to say about the various brands and models. In addition to star rating, you want to read the comments that people have posted.

Various photography magazines will post camera reviews as well. Grabbing a recent issue can help you to learn about some of the latest technology and see how the cameras compare with each other. Depending upon whether you are photographing people or landscapes, one model may be better for you than another. If you are an amateur versus a pro, the model is likely going to change as well.

Some of the best cameras that are on the market in the DSLR category include the EOS Rebel T1i as well as the Nikon D3100. You will be able to find an array of lenses for each of these, which opens up the opportunities to take photos of more things.

Best DSLR Camera Brands

There are a number of DSLR camera brands out there and you will want to familiarize yourself with them so you can be sure you get the best possible one. Nikon and Canon are the two powerhouses when it comes to DSLR. You will be able to find an array of lenses to fit these two brands, ensuring that you have all the components that you could possibly ask for. Some of the other brands that you may want to explore include Sony, Minolta and Konika. These brands are just as popular, but lack some of the enhanced features and are priced more affordably. If you don’t need all of the bells and whistles, you can look at some of the other brands and not worry about the quality too significantly.

Where to Buy DSLR Cameras

If you live in Ghana, you can find an array of locations where you can buy a gorgeous DSLR camera without spending a lot of money. You may want to search some of the classifieds in Ghana under the category of cameras. These can be new and used, which provide you with the opportunity to save some money. There are also various camera shops in Ghana where you have the ability to talk to someone in the know and have them guide you through the buying process, including buying various lenses and a camera bag to fit everything inside of. If you can connect to the Internet, you may also want to browse various camera websites, such as B&H Photo Video or Adorama who ship internationally.

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