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Let’s face it, buying a used car in Ghana isn’t an easy thing. The process of finding, assessing, and taking ownership of a second-hand vehicle is tedious and must typically be approached with a lot of market knowledge and help from an experienced person. 

The Ghanaian economy is one of the strongest economies in the sub-region making it an attractive place for imported cars. It is estimated that 100,000 cars are imported into the country each year 90% of which are used cars brought into the country for sale. 

The question then is, what is the best way to match prospective car buyers in Ghana with car dealers and sellers alike?

Over the years,, Ghana’s largest marketplace, has played a leading role in solving the problem. However, this role has been a background role where our platform connects sellers and buyers throughout the country. 

We are ever-evolving as we are on a constant lookout for opportunities to smoothen the buying and selling process. Our present search has led us to an innovation beneficial to key players in the car market. 

Introducing Tonaton Certified Cars

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Perhaps the most persistent problem when it comes to buying a used car in Ghana is finding a trustworthy vehicle that you can buy and be sure that you won’t have to switch to a Trotro the following morning or be stuck on the way with a repair problem. 

This is the exact problem Tonaton Certified Cars seeks to solve. It is the most direct matching of sellers and buyers with Tonaton as an assurance of the authenticity of the transaction. 

Tonaton Certified Cars is our latest service where would find cars for buyers by simply connecting them with a trusted seller. The service also takes on cars for sale. will provide professional pictures of the car in question.

Buyers will be able to bring their mechanics to inspect and validate the vehicle. However, can also provide a full car report.

This serves both buyers and sellers as buyers get cars they can trust at unbeatable prices and sellers get to sell their cars by leveraging Tonaton’s wide network of users. With this Tonaton Certified Cars, Tonaton. com brings its years of experience in the Ghana Car market to connect and help anyone who wants to sell or buy a car. 

Worrying about payments? All Tonaton Certified Cars transactions are done through escrow assuring buyers of the safety of their money and giving sellers an extra layer of confidence that they will receive full payment upon complete authentication of documents and ratification of the deal. 

How Tonaton Certified Cars Works

1. Sign Up to the Service

Tonaton should be at the top of your mind when you want to sell or buy a car. All you need to do is to contact us. 

For sellers, upon signing to the service, pictures of your car will be taken. Running car report will also be created by our partners. The next is to get the car listing on our platform exposing your offer to thousands of Ghanaians every day. Documents will also be corroborated at the respective bodies such as DVLA. 

2. Get Prospective Buyers

Interested buyers will contact Buyers on the other hand can simply walk to with their preferred vehicle (Brand, Model, etc) and will be sure to match them through our Certified Cars service. 

3. Inspection 

The prospective buyer will have access to the car for inspection, test drives, and may have their mechanic perform checks on it as well. The already prepared documents will also be presented to the prospective buyer to review to their satisfaction.

4. Price Settlement and Payment

If the buyer likes the car, a selling price is arrived at by both parties and the escrow funds are sent to the seller after the commission has been paid. 

How “Sell it for me” Works

How does sell it for Me work
How does sell it for Me work?

How “Buy it for me” Works

How does Buy it for Me work
How does Buy it for Me work?

Why Work with Tonaton Certified Cars?

  1. Credibility – is a registered company and has been in the car market for years. 
  2. Expertise – Our years of experience will be brought to your benefit, buyer and seller alike. 
  3. Possible Fraud –  Avoid fraud by using a trusted service; Tonaton Certified Cars.  
  4. Convenience – Relax and let sell/buy your car for you. 


Want to sell your car fast? Or you want to buy a car through a trusted and stress-free system? Tonaton Certified Cars is here for you. All you need to do is to sign up for the Tonaton Certified Cars service. For inquiries, contact us by calling 0302 746 911.

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