Businesses You Can Start with a Camera in Ghana

With a good camera and a little imagination, it is easy to start a business in Ghana. All you need for your business is the equipment, some ambition and a little creative thinking. With just a few items, you can become a wedding, family reunion or real estate photographer, set up a photo booth at a local market, take pictures for tourists, create stock photos to sell on line, or sell products with your photos on them. While none of these are get-rich-quick schemes, and all require work and effort, they each present opportunities to make a good living as you grow and learn the art of photography.


The first thing you will need to get started is a good camera. There are a lot of different cameras for sale the market, so it is important to do a little research before buying. Buying the best DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera you can afford will get you excellent results. These cameras do not use mirrors to help you see what you are photographing. You look directly through the lens the camera uses, so what you see is exactly what you will get in the photo. This makes your pictures more predictable.

Read camera reviews on the internet to decide what kind of camera you want and how much you should be spending for your cameras. Look at your needs. For instance, do you need a compact camera? These are especially good if you are traveling to take photos since they are not as bulky or heavy to carry. You should make sure that your camera will work with a tripod, so that it remains steady when you are working.


You will want to purchase a few important accessories to work with your camera. Get a tripod that fits your camera. This will hold the camera steady and allow you to be more hands-free when photographic subjects. Also, purchase a good camera bag to protect your equipment. You should get a few memory cards for your camera. Two or three are good to start with. You will buy more as your business grows. If you are going to see photos in a booth at a market, you will need to build one. It should be attractive, so that when people stand in front of it to have their picture taken, the background looks nice. A computer and an internet connection will also help a lot in selling your photos, especially if you choose to market your work online.

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Business Models
There are many business you can choose from with a good camera. Here are a few to get you started.

Wedding Photography
To make money as a wedding photographer, you will need to advertise your services. Good places to do this include established businesses that work with brides, such as dress shops, floral boutiques, D.J. services and bridal shows. When you first start, get a couple of friends to put on some wedding clothes and let you take some pictures to show potential customers. As you get jobs, create a portfolio to show off your work. Always keep it up to date, because as you practice and work, your photos will improve. You can also take photos for family reunions, baptisms and other special events. Don’t forget to ask new customers for referrals. Some of their friends might be getting married soon too.

Real Estate Photographer
As a real estate photographer, you will take pictures of houses for sale. Get some business cards printed with your cell phone number on them and talk with real estate agents in your area. Negotiate a deal with them to take pictures of the homes and properties they have for sale. Provide them with good quality photos and fast service at a reasonable price. Ask them to refer you to other agents.

Photo Booths at Markets
You can build a photo booth and take professional portraits at local markets and swap meets. Sell the portraits for a set price and offer on-the-spot digital printing. This will require a quality photo printer and a supply of photo paper and ink. It means some additional initial investment, but you will get paid for the work you do on the spot, so you don’t have to wait until checks come in the mail.

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Selling Stock Photos
There are many places on the internet where you can sell stock photos that companies use in their promotional materials. You simply create an account with the companies, upload the photos and wait for people to buy. Often, ordinary,everyday objects are needed for stock photos. They can be a well-arranged stack of pencils, an array of fresh vegetables, or tall buildings. Look through the photos available for sale on the internet to get some ideas. Some of the companies that you may consider selling through are: iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, Fotolia, Shutterfly, ShutterPoint, BigStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Corbis, CanStockPhoto or DepositPhotos. Each company has different requirements and payment varies with each one, so read their websites to determine where you want to do business on the web.

Print to Order Sites
Print to Order Sites like Cafe Press, LuLu or Zazzle allow you to put your photos on tee shirts and other products, like coffee mugs or mouse pads, and sell them on the internet. The company takes care of the printing and product delivery. The artist or photographer supplies the designs or artwork. They provide templates for you to upload work over the internet. Then, as customers purchase your designs, your account is credited. You get paid at regular intervals based on sales.

With all of these options available, owning a good digital camera will make an excellent and versatile small business investment. You can take advantage of one idea, or try several to create multiple income opportunities. As you earn more money, you will be able to invest in additional equipment and grow your business.

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