Business Strategy: Ideas For Sustainable Business Growth

Building a business is no small feat. More so, Building a sustainable business for the long term is even harder as it requires a lot of deliberate effort, leadership, and vision. Having a business plan that leans toward your long-term sustainability goals is the best way to maintain a consistent mission without diverting from your original plans. 

Business strategy is at the core of achieving your goals and long-term profitability. Strategy is basically how you plan to achieve what you want as a business. This means you need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. 

Have you ever thought about how certain companies never seem to change but rather grow in the same fashion as you have always known? This post will reveal some of the strategies big companies use to build a strong revenue stream in the short and long term. 

8 Ideas For Sustainable Business Growth and Profitability

Have a Clear and Compelling Why

The reason why a business exists is important in how it grows. Behind a strong business is a compelling reason why the company is in business. 

If you are looking to maintain a great brand, you need a reason which resonates with your core audience or tribe. You do not need to and cannot appeal to everyone. But you can definitely attract those whom your product/ service greatly helps. 

Build your “why” around those people and follow it to the core. Incorporate your “why” into hiring, strategy, and major decision-making. This is how you put your why into practice. 

Build a Strong Brand

No business can ignore brand building anymore. The market is overcrowded. Industries are full of great companies with attractive offerings. A brand gives you a unique identity which gives you an edge over your competitors. 

Having a solid brand gives you the ability to connect with your core audience where they feel connected to your brand in terms of your offerings and your mission/vision. Customers do not only buy goods and services anymore; they buy causes and they buy reasons. If your business reason and vision don’t sell well, then you might find your company lagging.

A good strategy would be to start building your brand today if you haven’t. Seek to be of help to your audience and provide them with free resources/value. Basically; make them feel understood and they will see you as the best brand to solve their problem. 

One of the ways to get your brand out there is to advertise. Advertising is at the top of marketing strategies for big brands and companies for this reason. Tonaton has a ready-set audience to advertise your products and services. has millions of visitors every month – which of them do you want to reach?

Hire Company Fit and Train for Skills

As a company, your recruitment strategy is greatly important. Most small businesses do not mind who exactly they are bringing on board if the person has the desired qualifications. 

Qualifications are good but to meet your goals and more importantly your vision, you need to hire people who not only have the skills and qualifications but people who are fit for your company, your brand, and people who believe in what you do. 

In some cases, you may find someone who fits your company but lacks some skills. If you are convinced of their fit, you can employ them while you train them for the skills they lack. Skills can always be learned but values, beliefs, and “fit” cannot easily be trained. 

However, the best is to find people who both fit and have the skills and qualifications. 

Have a Great Company Culture

Culture goes beyond a written statement. Even though documenting your culture is good; it can easily become forgotten or lost as most companies face with their mission and vision statements. 

Your values and beliefs essentially form your culture. Is yours one of collaboration and excellence? Or innovation? Your values need to be tied to your product or service offering and your “why”. The interconnectedness of these important foundations of a business. 

Your culture must be practiced. It isn’t enough to have long meetings discussing what the company culture means when in the end no one actually acts on it. The success of your culture lies in every single employee of the company is an embodiment of those values and beliefs set for the company. 

Neglect Not Operations

The operations of a company can easily be overlooked and attended to passively. How do departments collaborate? How are certain tasks to be executed? What are the processes involved in performing key deliverables? 

Asking and answering such questions is a great way to start thinking about your operations. Managing costs while maintaining efficiency and productivity is at the center of setting the right operating standards for the company. 

Form Strategic and Beneficial Partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to grow your business without having to do it all by yourself. In our world, only the best wins. 

To be able to offer top-notch services and products, you might have to partner with already established and successful partners in fields that are related to your business. 

Suppliers for instance are business helpers. They can help you by supplying quality products. They can sometimes give you an advance so that you pay once you have the funds to do so. 


Innovation may be scary or hailed depending on which side you stand. However, one thing is certain; innovation is bound to happen. Even change is very possible especially in our fast-changing world of the internet, technology, and complex problems. There is no telling what is next. 

But you can position yourself for the next wave of change and innovation. You should anticipate and when possible, lead the change. That way, you can steer it to your benefit. 

Most people see business as a risky venture but one thing about businessmen is that they try to remove the uncertainty surrounding what they do at all costs. This is a great approach to doing business and one from which your business can benefit greatly from. 

Use Digital To Your Advantage

More and more people are getting on the digital bandwagon. Businesses are being built almost entirely on social media and Tonaton. 

Due to convenience, affordability, and even reliability, businesses are creating digital footprints as compelling if not more than their physical business address. Because more people can see your online shop than can see your physical shop. If you advertise, you get even more attention and potential clients. 

For instance, Millions of people visit Tonaton every single month. Having your digital shop on our platform can get you more buyers at far less than the cost of renting a real physical store. How disruptive? 


Business growth is an intentional way of doing business. Without a curated and redetermined business plan to get you the growth you want, you might not be able to achieve it at all. Using the above strategies, you can begin to create that growth that your business needs to survive and even thrive. 

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