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30 Cool Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Execute

If asked, most people say they want to start a venture but lack the business ideas to go with their desire. In our era of entrepreneurship and people making it big in days and others in months, you can’t but succumb to the masses.

But how do you standout and make it big like the other linchpins? The business idea you start with plays a huge role in this. To prevent you from starting out wrongly, here are a few suggestions.

Perks To Having A Full Time Or Part Time Business

Having a business, calling the shots, is a great feeling. Even though like many good things in life it has its own downs, it is certainly worth it considering the possible ups.

Owning a business means you have extra freedom. Freedom in cash flow – You don’t have to depend on just one. You also have the freedom to choose what you want to do. Most people actually hate their jobs.

So, why not take the leap and do what you actually love? Especially in your own business? If this is you (Of course. Else you wouldn’t have opened this article anyway), here are our 30 business ideas for Ghanaians.

30 Cool Small Business Ideas Anyone Can Execute

Running a successful business is largely due to the kind of ideas that are encouraged in the business. It also has to do with the starting idea. If that main idea is flawed or lacks a market, failure is assured. Here are the common business ideas anyone can run. For some of them, you may need some starting capital. For the vast majority, you need only your head, hands and heart.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a source of income that is fast rising. Most people do it as a part-time business venture. However, it can be run as a full-time business as well. The good thing about freelancing is that you basically are independent. You get to work with clients you like, doing what you love and also at the time you want. As a freelancer, you charge fees you choose to. What’s even cooler is that there are many platforms and ways to get clients as a freelancer. All you need is to be highly skilled in a sought after area. Next is to market yourself by building a brand.

2. Photography Business

Memories are sacred. We all at some point, for special occasions, would like to freeze the sands of time and have them stored for future reference. Photography is a good way to earn some extra income as an individual. You can and should probably take it a step further into a business.

Having a studio at a prime location such as the mall, a government registration office such as DVLA, Passport office makes it easier to attract clients.

If you aren’t the stationary type of person, you can employ a mobile approach shooting occasions such as weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays, graduations, etc.

3. Public Speaking

Public speaking may seem like a no brainer and not very lucrative venture. But is not realistic.

Public speakers are paid well especially when they are thought leaders, masters at their craft and good with speaking. If you fall within this criteria or are up to the challenge, public speaking is definitely a must-try. Go for it!

4. Consultant

If speaking is your thing, you’d probably make a good consultant. Consultants are usually hired to help a company or organization in some circumstance such helping set up a one-time system, evaluate current systems or help them overcome a certain challenge. As a consultant, you can also offer training services to your audience.

5. Resume Writer

There aren’t any jobs! But, really, are there? Contrary to popular polarity toward the thinking that there aren’t any jobs, there are jobs. However, they are limited.

This creates massive competition for the few jobs available. How do you stand out? If you are good at writing CVs or resumes, you can help others communicate their value to organizations and get well paid for your services.

If your knowledge and qualifications allow, you can offer career guidance and development training and counselling to clients.

6. Part-time or Full-time Tutor – Online or In Person

The coronavirus has forced the government to close schools. Most guardians and parents have soon realized that they have to take matters into their own hands. Hence tutors are in high demand. Your services could be online or in person.

Another good option is creating online courses and uploading them to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare.

7. Trade A Good You Like

Have a product you use on a regular basis and absolutely love it? It may be a drink, clothing brand, makeup, or anything you can buy and sell. Take some time to think about it and decide what it is you actually would want to sell and that there is a market for it.

8. Uber or Ride Hailing Business

If you are in a place like Accra and Kumasi where there are ride hailing platforms, you can easily start a business in that regard. These areas are busy and people constantly need a fast and reliable vehicle to move in without doing that through public transport.

If you are in Cities like Tamale, you can go for the taxi option. Such a business doesn’t require capital to acquire a vehicle and do the mandatory registrations, insurance and initial maintenance.

You can drive it yourself or employ driver while you focus on other income-generating ventures or your jobs.

9. Network Marketing

Network is covered in myths and misunderstandings. This is due to the nature of the business model and how it could easily become a scam or Ponzi scheme.

That said, legitimate businesses are worth it especially when the products are absolutely amazing and you love them. The caveat is to do your due diligence and demand answers and proofs if necessary.

If they fail to satisfy you, take a bow out. There are lots of legitimate companies out there. Keep searching.

10. Farming

Food is a basic need of life and comes before many, many, things. Food is always in demand making farming an all-weather business venture. Yes, the weather may pose certain challenges but with good business management skills, hopefully, you can surmount them.

This is an Area youth are increasingly becoming interested in. And that is a good thing. Lack of jobs doesn’t mean a lack of opportunities.

11. Makeup Artist

Makeup lover? Do your friends always compliment your makeup? You could actually turn your skills into a profitable business. Good thing is, you don’t have to learn something new. Utilize your already acquired skills and make some income.

12. Virtual Assistant

Technology has made this possible. Individuals, CEOs and organizations are increasingly relying on their virtual, often cheaper, assistants. Get paid for scheduling meetings and appointment, updating calendars, minor research tasks, etc. There are great platforms out there which connect assistants to people who need them.

13. Social Media Manager

Most new businesses open a social media account. The opportunity is that they have little understanding and no time to manage their social media. This is where you come in.

You have time and skills to manage their social media. You may have to work in the house but some organizations also allow you to work at your own pace.

The best option is to run as an agency allowing you to detach yourself from the organization but as their social media management agency.

14. Flipping Business

Flipping basically means buying and selling something for the opportunity to sell in the short term instead of keeping it for yourself in the long term. You can flip anything. From real estate to financial assets to basic products, electronics, etc. Just think.

Being successful in this area requires a good understanding of the market, pricing history and forecasts. Since your income is going to be based on whether prices go up or fall.

15. Authoring

Who told you books don’t sell? Truth is, they do. However, you need to be well positioned, write strategically and have a marketing strategy even infused into the book itself and not just after the book has been marketed. It would be helpful to workout deals with popular bookshops to have them distributing your books.

16. Start a Skills Training Program

People need skills. If you have skills in high demand such as graphic design, website development, business development, public speaking then you have a market.

17. Open  A Saloon (Unisex or Single Sex)

Barbering shops and saloons are in constant demand. People need to look good, why not help them? Starting a saloon has capital cost implications for equipment and staffing but it’s worth it if you have a strategy. Find a prime location, price moderately and you would be able to make some income.

18. Liquid Soap Making

Making soap and channeling it through a trusted distributions channel could get your brand on the next big liquid soap list. If this is something you have been thinking about, just get started.

19. Start A Delivery Company

One of the benefits of the coronavirus is that it has fastened the adoption of delivery services creating opportunity for business. However, to succeed, you need trust since people can’t just give you their items and expect you to deliver them if they don’t first trust you.

20. Become a real estate agent

Being an agent comes with some perks such hefty commissions if you are able to sign big deals. You can also offer services where clients bring in their requirements and you find them a good matching property. Everyone’s happy.

21. Mini-importation business

When done genuinely and with a trusted product sourcing company, you can have for yourself a sustainable business. In most cases, it doesn’t take much to get your products that’s if you work with a sourcing company. This will allow you focus on the income generating activities of your business, sales.

22. Open a washing bay

23. Start a skilled based business

We all have skills and talents. What’s yours? Because you can build a business out of it. If you haven’t found yours, keep searching. You probably know it, you just haven’t identified it to be the one.

24. Become a life coach and personal trainer

In our fast paced world, things are changing at a rate we can’t all keep up. Some people are able to keep with good living, successful habits that they can teach and train others to replicate.

If you are such a person, you can become a life coach and personal trainer for the myriad of people yearning to achieve great lengths in life but have little time to learn it all…

25. Catering Business

At the mention of catering, you may be tempted to think about a restaurant or some big kitchen with several staff working round the clock to prepare meals for customers.

Well, you don’t need to start big. If you have the resources to, why not? But you can create a catering business out of your own home kitchen. You do this by taking orders, preparing and delivery.

26. Mobile Agency Business

Mobile money is more than 10 years and in those years of existence has managed to capture the hearts of the everyday Ghanaian. You can cash in on the platform as an agent. You can also build and agency where you have employees who make transactions for clients.

27. Blogging Business

Internet business are becoming a thing in our part of the world. Blogging is often the gateway business. It has and still helps numerous business people earn some full time or part time income.

28. Neighborhood Laundry Service

Depending on your neighborhood, you can operate a laundry service.

29. Start A Hosting Company

More and more websites are cropping up. They all need hosting and domain names. Old websites are looking for new hosting providers due to certain reasons.

You can operate your own servers or buy a reseller package from one of the trusted hosting providers. You can literally start a hosting company at your house if you are IT inclined. Or at least you are up for the challenge.

30. Become a Personal Shopper

Have you ever met with someone who simply looks cool in everything they do? They have good taste, and they have the best recommendations?

If you are such a person, you can find yourself some clients to be doing some shopping for them. If they need a travel coat, you are sure to know the right one for them. Just pick it up and get paid.

Extra Business Idea

31. Innovate a Solution to an Existing Problem or Improve the Current Solution

Business is about ideas and also about implementation. One way to start a business is to identify gaps in an industry and create a novel solutions to the problems. If you can’t find any, ask yourself what current solutions have pot holes you can fill?

Note that these are suggestions and if you decide to go into one, do your own research and engage key persons who can help you set the business up.


You have been exposed to 31 good business ideas. Some you may already know about and others are totally new. As already written, business is about ideas and implementation. You have ideas. Now go do the implementation. Do comment which one appeals to you.

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