Best Weather Apps for Ghana

For anyone who uses mobile phones, you know how important it is to have the right mobile phones apps installed. Although some users prefer only a few select apps on their device, one type that just about everyone uses is a weather related app. These are essential because they work with your phone’s location services and can tell you what the weather is like in your area or in an area to which you are planning on visiting. Weather apps can be used all around the world. If you are in Ghana, here are a few of the best weather apps for you.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is one of the top apps for the Apple iPhone. It is free and delivers the most accurate forecasts for local areas. In addition, it can show you satellite maps, weather alerts and an interactive radar. The app is power by a group that reports real time data on the weather from weather stations and even their own yards by way of crowd reporting, which means that you can even report the weather in your area. The app requires your iPhone to be updated to iOS 7 or later and works with Wi-Fi or data to provide you with information on the weather right in your specific location. Keep track of all types of weather situations in your area, from storms to wildfires.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a free app for the Apple iPhone and Android phones. It is one of the most comprehensive weather apps you can download to your mobile phone. You can sign up for a free account and enter your address, city or zip code to see what the current weather is, a detailed forecast for the week and even a 10 day forecast so that you can get an idea of what to expect for those next several days. View beautiful photos of landmarks in your location and receive weather alerts when you need them.


AccuWeather is available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android mobile phones and provides minute by minute weather forecasting based on your specific location. It will work with your GPS to take your exact address and syncs across all of your devices. The current version of the app includes widgets that can deliver a summary of what you can expect in the weather for the day. You will also receive alerts for severe weather in your location.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network is a free app that can be used on iPhone and Android. It gives you detailed maps and charts of the weather in your region as well as hourly forecasts and a forecast for 14 consecutive days. Receive alerts for severe weather warnings and storms. There is a feature in the settings of the app that delivers functionality so that the app will update based on location so that if you travel, you will be able to see what the weather is like in the new location as well. Check for humidity levels, cloud coverage and much more.


Vieather is a free weather app that is available for Windows Phone. It runs on all modern version of the Windows Phone operating system from 7.5 and up and gives you real time information on the weather. When you pin the app as a live tile to your mobile phone’s screen, you will see the current temperature, real feel temperature and weather conditions. When the tile flips, you can see an extended forecast for the next few days. It runs quickly, smoothly and is good even on low memory phones. The user interface is clean and easy to read and use.

These are all great weather apps to consider if you are located in Ghana. They are all accurate and detailed to give you the best experience of knowing what the weather is like in your region at any given time.

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