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Best Places To Do National Service in Ghana

National service in Ghana is one of the important development and development avenues for any young Ghanaian looking to build a solid career. But one of the key worries many of the thousands of graduates from the tertiary institutions each year is the issue of where to do service. Most people have their preferences of where they want to be posted. Unfortunately, the National Service Secretariat (NSS) doesn’t allow potential national service personnel to choose their places of work. Posting is done based on a computerized system. 

However, what the NSS allows is for you to choose three of the regions you would like to work in. The rest of the posting is done by the NSS. This means you cannot alter the posting. But that isn’t exactly true as many organisations accept national service personnel who apply to their graduate training programs better known as national service. This is an opportunity for you to pursue your career path if you do not want to go with the “NSS Blackbox” deciding where you should do national service.

Finding a place to do your national service however could be very tedious and frustrating due to the massive competition in the economy. Thousands of students are churned out by the tertiary educational system each year yet only a handful of organizations take national service on their training programs. 

In this article, we will not only show you how to determine the best organisations to do your national service but also share with you ten suggestions which you can consider for your national service year.  

How to Find the Best National Service Organisation for You

1. Go on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Your career is about to get started and what you need now more than ever is to have time to reflect on what you want to do with your life. There may have been times you had to decide your career paths such as choosing your Senior High School (SHS) program or your University course. But these are building blocks leading to this new beginning. For some people, where they work as their service is the place they work for a few decades before making a transition to another organization. This is because they carefully selected and pursued the organization to get the posting. To have such an amount of clarity on which organization would be beneficial to you and your future, you would have to think hard and perhaps long about it and this requires self-discovery. 

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2. Decide What Career You Want to Pursue

Self-discovery will enable you to reflect on yourself as a person, your future what steps you need to take now to get there. Your career path and the present job are a huge part of that journey. Once you have had your time for reflection, the next is to select your career path. A career path is much more important than a job. Most people focus on service as a job instead of the beginning of a career hence they make short-term decisions which may be the cause of regret later on in life because one could easily waste the entire service year without proper planning. 

3. Decide Your National Service Goals

As humans, we are varied and have different aspirations, objectives, and goals for our lives. These goals will be important when taking the national service step. For others, national service is an opportunity to land their first job right after they finish up with their one year. For others, this is the first time they get a taste of what their career path looks like so they would want to learn as much as they can. If you are looking to pivot from the course you did into a different field, your national service could be a training ground for you if you can get an organization in the field. 

4. Shortlist Institutions What Match Your Goals

Get a job in Ghana? Acquire skills and leave? Pass out the time? Your goals will help you decide which organisations will best help you achieve that. The main goal for most people might be to get a job. Quite unfortunately, most organizations do not maintain service persons and that is the base truth. A lot more private sector organisations maintain workers but not always. You might want to look for organisations with established graduate training programs to help you grow professionally while standing a good chance of getting maintained. 

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5. Apply to Them

The majority of organisations take automatic postings from the NSS which means you can only get into such organisations through posting which again, is automatic. There is nothing you can do but hope to get sent there. But on a more positive note, some organisations do their recruitment for service personnel and request for posting from the secretariat. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to work at a particular type of organization. Once you have done your shortlist, most of them will have an application process. If they don’t have one, you can simply apply to them and follow up for feedback. Do not give up easily as you stand to gain more than they probably do. 

Best Places To Do National Service in Ghana

1. Bolt


Bolt is an Estonian ride-sharing app similar to Uber established in over 45 countries and 300 cities including Accra, Ghana. It is currently the leading company in ride-hailing in African and Europe. The company takes on national service personnel for various roles in marketing and operations. 

2. PwC


PricewaterhouseCoopers is an international organization specialized in providing professional services including accounting, audit, and consultancy. PwC has a dedicated graduate training program for service personnel which means you get to be trained by professionals in a planned-out program. 

3. AmaliTech


Technically, you cannot do your national with AmaliTech but it is a great opportunity for graduates looking to build a career in technology, app and software development, and similar technologies. They have a tailored learning program for front-end development, backend development, data science development, and full-stack development. They do not take graduates who have not completed national service. It’s worth the shot once you are done with your one-year service. They provide remuneration with excellent job prospects. 

4. Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Ghana and the world. They have created a dedicated graduate training program opening their organization to fresh graduates who are interested in exploring the vast career opportunities in the telecommunications industry, not just here in Ghana but also an International opportunity with Columbus Program after 2 years. 

5. Limited

Tonaton is Ghana’s largest marketplace. For technology enthusiasts, online business enthusiasts, marketers, and salespeople, Tonaton is one of the best in the technology space for national service.  With over 8 years of experience in eCommerce in Ghana, you can gain knowledge, insights, and skills that would be valuable to you as you grow in your career.

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6. Universities

national service in a university

Doing your national service at your institution or another institution is a good option if you are interested in the academic field or you want to immediately return to do your master’s program. Working in a university will open you up to how the various systems work, the best opportunities and give you access to the faculty and various important personalities who can guide you on your career path. 

Other Great Places to do Your National Service;

6. MTN

7. AirtelTigo

8. Deloitte

9. Newmont Ghana Limited

10. Unilever Ghana

11. Ghana Port and Habour Authority


Most fresh graduates focus a little too much on the short term that they forget that they have a long career ahead of them. This line of thinking can be the cause of poor choices that do not give you the maximum benefit of the national service program which is means to train you for professional work. The best way to deal with it is to know what you want in the long term for yourself.

FAQs About Places to do National Service in Ghana

Where Can I Do My National Service In Ghana?

The NSS operates an automatic posting system. Government institutions and companies are the majority while some private companies also opt-in voluntarily. To get a place of your choice, you might have to apply to the organization directly.


How Much Is National Service Allowance In Ghana?

As of 2021, the national service (NSS) allowance is at a monthly amount of GH¢559.04 which was increased from GH¢350 a few years ago.


Which Month Does National Service Start In Ghana?

National Service starts in September with a leave-month of August the following year. However, since the coronavirus hit in 2020, the normal schedules of tertiary institutions have affected the commencement of national service in 2021.


Can A Nigerian Do National Service In Ghana?

Nigerians cannot join the Ghana national service program because the NSS requires only Ghanaian nationals above 18 years who have graduated from a tertiary institution.


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