Best Mobile Phones for Business People

The tasks and responsibilities of a Ghana businessperson will require a mobile phone. Business people are on the go constantly, and they must conduct a wide variety of chores that require amazing mobile phone service. Buying a mobile phone to use in one’s business requires a great deal of research and thought. A business owner will want to have a device that possesses a mixture of the finest qualities for cell phones. The following contains some information about the top mobile phones for sale and how these devices can complement a person who is conducting business in or around the Ghana area.

The Apple iPhone

Apple has a reputation for manufacturing productive, sturdy and luxurious mobile phone units. Strong casing and a distinct elegant look characterize just about every cell phone in the iPhone series. The iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s are the two latest versions of the iPhone. Both units have a four-inch screen and a memory that is between 8GB and 32GB. Their designs differ greatly, however. The iPhone 5c contains colorful plastic casing, while the iPhone 5s bears 75 percent brushed aluminum casing with a gold or silver hue. This gives the iPhone 5s much more elegance and glamor. A businessperson may prefer the 5s, as it will fit the image of a businessperson better than the 5c would.

The iPhone 5s has a few outstanding features that place it in a league of its own in the cell phone market. It has a fast updated processor, which bears the A7 chip and 64-bit technology. The unit also comes with a Touch ID sensor for tighter security when a person wants to purchase applications or lock his or her phone. Additionally, the iPhone 5s cameras have a slow motion video feature that consumers enjoy.

A businessperson can make use of an Apple iPhone because it has access to some of the most efficient business applications. Applications such as Numbers, Weekdone and Fuze can help make business analysis and planning simple.

Sony Phone

Sony Ericcson produces a wide variety of high-end devices that can complement a businessperson rather nicely. The Sony Experia X10 is an example of such a device. The X10 has a 1 GHz processor and an 8-MP camera. It bears a 4-inch display with a TFT capacitive touch screen. Consumers have had positive things to say about the Experia X10. A businessperson can find one of these phones at an affordable price through classified ads.

Samsung Phone

Samsung has been a major player in the cell phone industry for years. One of its most successful lines has been the Galaxy series. The Galaxy S5 is a hot commodity because it has a fierce 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and LTE coverage.

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Businesspersons can complete multiple tasks at once and enjoy high-speed LTE coverage for faster information processing. The Galaxy S5 also has a hefty 5.1-inch touch screen, which can make web browsing a phenomenal experience. Furthermore, the casing on the S5 has some water resistant properties, which can extend the life of the unit for many years.

Nokia Phone

Nokia has decided to work with Microsoft and produce a wide variety of cell phones with the Windows platform. Some examples of Nokia phones with Windows platforms are the Nokia Lumia 520, 625 and 800. The Windows platform can be beneficial for a business owner because a majority of businesses use the Windows platform for their desktops and laptops. Therefore, downloading and editing work projects can be a breeze. A businessperson can switch between mobile devices and computer devices in a flash on the Windows platform. Additionally, the Nokia Lumia devices have a reputation for cameras with a high amount of megapixels. The most highly advance Lumia camera has 41 megapixels for professional pictures and videos.

HTC Phone

HTC phones such as the HTC One may be the best mobile phones for people who run businesses. Not only does the HTC One have a killer 4.7-inch display, but also it has 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. Its case has an elegant and sturdy silver and black aluminum structure, and its screen is constructed of gorilla glass. This model is perfect for businesspersons who are rough on their phones but still want to hold a professional looking device in their hands.

Blackberry Phone

Blackberry still offers quite a few strong performers in the mobile phone market. The Q10 and the Z10 are recent devices that still offer the world’s most perfected email messaging platform. The Q10 has a wide body with physical keys, while the Z30 is Blackberry’s elegantly designed touchscreen device. The Z10 has a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. Other features that this model has are HDMI port, document viewer, video editor, photo editor and voice memo. Such features would be excellent for a person who has a business that revolves around photography or video recording.

Buying a Mobile Phone

A businessperson can find the right mobile phone by first creating a list of the features that are most important to him or her. The feature list will lead that person to a cell phone that meets his or her needs. Some consumers hold high importance in a camera feature while other people are more concerned with the processing speed or the internal memory capacity. A good mobile phone unit will have an array of features, and it will be sturdy enough to last several years.

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Searching Classified Ads for Mobile Phones

Classified ad sites are amazing websites that offer free Ghana cell phone listings so consumers can find the products they need. Ghana residents have a wide variety of reasons for selling their mobile phones. A switch in providers or a desire for an upgraded unit can cause a citizen to place his or her device in the classified ads. The phones that appear in these ads are working units that businesspersons can obtain for extremely low prices.

How Classified Ads Work

Sites such as Tonaton.com allow Ghana residents to place their mobile phones on display for sale. A person who is searching for a specific mobile phone can type the model number into the search bar and then hit the “search” button. The system will return a list of available mobile phone units. The person will see a picture of the units as well as the prices the sellers want for the devices. The consumer will have the option to click on a picture and read more about a phone. He or she can also reply to the ad by email or telephone number if the seller provides such information.

Cell phone ads can stay on the website for up to 90 days unless the seller manually deletes them. Registration for the website is completely free and poses no risk. Ad placement is completely free. Users who would like to increase advertising efforts on their items can request additional advertising for a fee.

Once a person finds the appropriate cell phone, then he or she can negotiate with the seller about the prices. The purpose of such a classified site is to bring Ghana buyers and sellers together in a friendly fashion.

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