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Huawei Phones and Prices in Ghana 2021: Price List & More

Huawei phones are known all over the world. The company has shown tremendous success in the smartphone market even though they started making phones only in 1997. The company has been able to create a brand that transcends its telecommunication background. 

Today, Huawei is at the forefront of smartphone technology. In 2020, Huawei surpassed Samsung in units shipped to become the world’s biggest smartphone vendor according to a 2020 report by Canalys. 

The company makes top-notch budget and high-end devices. Their dual focus of serving users who want high-end smartphones and also users who prefer budget devices has given them a name across all categories. The brand has grown well beyond its home country, China, though it sells most of its inventory in China. It was able to overtake Samsung in worldwide sales because its sales in China remained relatively unaffected while Samsung suffered all over the world. But this doesn’t mean they will be at the top for long. Samsung and Apple are serious competitors and the market is getting even more exciting. 

Their devices are great and our list of the best Huawei phones to buy in 2021 was arrived at after analysis of the best of the best devices that the company has to offer.  Note that the list is in no particular order. 

The Huawei US Ban and Matters Arising

Despite the tremendous rise and potential in Huawei, the US placed a ban on their trading freedom with US companies. This happened when the Trump-led government put Huawei on the “Entity List”. Huawei phones run on android and use Google Mobile Services (GMS). Making it officially illegal for Google to do business with the Chinese technology giant. 

What Does The Huawei Ban Mean?

The ban has several implications but the biggest and most impactful on Huawei has been the fact that they can no longer use Google Mobile Services (GMS). Their devices still run on an open-source android but it doesn’t come with the amazing Google apps that we know and love. 

The good part is that this limitation applies to new devices launched after the ban. Hence, the devices that were launched with GMS will continue to support Google apps and receive updates. 

Even though Ghana isn’t the US, the ban still affects Ghanaian citizens who use Huawei devices. This is because Huawei can no longer trade with any US company hence cannot buy services from Google. This means that we can only have access to the Huawei App Gallery which is fast catching up. Some of the big apps are getting aboard the App Gallery. But do not have high hopes as most US, and Europe-based companies are cutting ties with the brand. One of these companies is UK chipmaker ARM. 

Here are the Best Huawei Phones to Buy in 2021. Note that some of these devices come with GMS while the newer devices don’t. 

Huawei Phones Prices List in Ghana (Top 10 Huawei Smartphones)

Huawei Phone Name Price in Ghana
1. Huawei Mate 30 ProGH¢980 to GH¢1,300
2. Huawei P30 LiteGH¢840 to GH¢1,100
3. Huawei Mate Xs (Foldable)GH¢10,000 to GH¢12,000
4. Huawei Nova 9 ProGH¢3,000 to GH¢3249
5. Huawei Nova 7iGH¢1,250 to GH¢1,470
6. Huawei P30 ProGH¢2.500 to GH¢3,100
7. Huawei P30GH¢2,900 to GH¢3,200
8. Huawei P40 ProGH¢3,100 to GH¢3,700
9. Huawei P20 ProGH¢1,300 to GH¢1.800
10. Huawei P40 Pro PlusGH¢6,500 to GH¢7065

Disclaimer: Prices may be different in different stores. These prices are merely estimates from our database. Actual prices could be the same, less or more than stated prices.

Huawei Phones and Prices in Ghana: Prices & Review

1. Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Price: GH¢980 to GH¢1,300

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Release date: September 2019

Dimensions: 158.1 x 73.1 x 8.8mm

OS: Android 10

Screen size: 6.53-inch

CPU: Kirin 990RAM: 8GB

Storage: 128/256GB

Battery: 4,500mAh

Rear camera: 40MP + 40MP + 8MP + ToF

Front camera: 32MP

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

The Huawei mate 30 pro smartphone was one of the devices we saw from Huawei in 2019 with the device being released on 19th September. The device is one of the few devices which still run the Android operating system. It packs a 1.86GHz octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 990 processor powered by 8 gigabytes of RAM and storage of 128 or the alternative of the more spacious 256 gigabytes of storage. For a device at its budget price, the Huawei team has done well with its excellent performance, beautiful and yet luxurious design, and its quality camera performance. The camera has some powerful features that will make your images much better.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro also has an overwhelmingly large battery capacity at 4,500 mAh with a suite of charging features like 40W wired charging, 27W wireless charging and reverse wireless charging which is a great feature. Some flagship phones do not yet have this feature and for Huawei to have included that in a 2019 device means this phone was ahead of its time. Overall it is a device that works well for average use for work, entertainment with powerful performance that can take you through the day on moderate use.

2. Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei P30 Lite

Price: GH¢840 to GH¢1,100


Release date: 2019, April 25

Display; IPS LCD, 6.15 inches, 1080 x 2312 pixels

Processor; Kirin 710 (12 nm), Octa-core

Front Camera; 24 MP, f/2.0, 26mm (wide), 1/2.8″, 0.9µm

Rear Camera; 48 MP, f/1.8, 27mm (wide), 1/2.0″, 0.8µm, PDAF

8 MP, 17mm (ultrawide)

2 MP, f/2.4, (depth)

RAM & Storage; 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 6GB RAM

Battery Capacity; Li-Po 3340 mAh, non-removable, fast charging 18W

OS; Android 9.0 (Pie), upgradable to Android 10

Huawei P30 Lite Review

The Huawei P30 Lite was released on 25th April 2019 with  6.15 inches display, a Kirin 710 processor and runs on a RAM of 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB depending on which version of the device you purchase storage options of 64GB, and 128GB. The battery packs a 3340mAh capacity and comes with fast charging at 18W. Luckily in the software department, the Huawei P30 Lite still runs android 9.0 which was named android pie. It is also upgradeable to android 10 which is cool. Despite the device having a large RAM with the Kirin 710, the device performance is not as impressive as it is sometimes laggy and the battery performance doesn’t always hold up well with heavy usage. The Huawei P30 Lite is a great device but it just doesn’t cut it for heavy users who rely on their smartphones for crucial daily activities beyond WhatsApp, calling, and texting. 

3. Huawei Mate Xs (Foldable)

Huawei Mate Xs

Price: GH¢ to GH¢


Release date: 2020, March 05

Display; Foldable OLED, 8.0 inches, 2200 x 2480 pixels, 

Folded cover display: AMOLED, 6.6 inches, 1148 x 2480 pixels

Processor; Kirin 990 5G, Octa-core

Front Camera; Uses main camera

Rear Camera; 

40 MP, f/1.8, 27mm (wide)

8 MP, f/2.4, 81mm (telephoto), PDAF, OIS, 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom

16 MP, f/2.2, 17mm (ultrawide), AF

TOF 3D, (depth)


Storage; 512GB

Battery Capacity; Li-Po 4500 mAh, non-removable, Fast charging

OS; Android 10, EMUI 10, no Google Play Services

Huawei Mate Xs (Foldable) Review

The Huawei Mate Xs is expensive, and not everyone will have use for a foldable phone that costs GH¢10,000 to GH¢12,000. But Huawei did a good job with the device which you will see shortly. First of all the device was released on the 5th of March, 2020 at the height of the pandemic in Ghana. It has an 8 inches OLED display at 2200 x 2480 pixels. For the folded cover display, the device uses an AMOLED display with 6.6 inches and 1148 x 2480 pixels. It runs on the Kirin 990 which has 5G support and an octa-core setup.

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The device features a 4 camera setup which serves as both front and back cameras. In terms of memory, you get 512 gigabytes of storage and 8 gigabytes of RAM space for usage. By all standards, these specifications are killer and will be very great on a smaller smartphone. Its battery packs a capacity of 4500 mAh and supports fast charging. But compared to smaller devices like the Huawei P30 Lite which we listed just before the Mate Xs, you would realize that both can get up to 8GB of RAM with a little difference in camera setup. The battery capacities have a large difference but that can be easily dismissed as the smaller device on the Huawei P30 Lite requires less power to run than the much larger Mate Xs. 

Overall, it has a great design with an amazing hardware setup. The build quality is solid and the OLED display will allow you to make use of the large screen watching movies on a better display. The cameras on the device are good and its performance is not as bad as the previous device. Considering that it’s one of the early Huawei foldable phones, the design was on point. However, what would enter most people from grabbing this gentle giant is its lack of google services and its price. And for most people, these two factors are everything. If price isn’t much of a problem and you do not mind the lack of Google services, then this might not only be good as a phone but also a tablet.

4. Huawei Nova 9 Pro

Huawei Nova 9 Pro

Price: GH¢3,000 to GH¢3249


Release date: 2021, September 30

Display; OLED, 6.72 inches, 1236 x 2676 pixels

Processor; Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon 778G 4G, Octa-core

Front Camera; 

32 MP, f/2.0, (wide)

32 MP, f/2.4, 100˚ (ultrawide)

Rear Camera; 

50 MP, f/1.9, 23mm (wide)

8 MP, f/2.2, (ultrawide)

2 MP, f/2.4, (depth)

2 MP, f/2.4, (macro)


Storage; 128GB, 256GB 

Battery Capacity; Li-Po 4000 mAh, non-removable, Fast charging

OS; HarmonyOS 2.0

Huawei Nova 9 Pro Review

The Huawei Nova 9 Pro is the freshest Huawei device right now as it was only released on the 30th of September 2021. The device obviously is years ahead of some of the devices we have already presented so it has a lot more to offer. And so does its price! You can grab the Huawei Nova 9 Pro from stores on Tonaton in Ghana from GH¢3,000 to GH¢3249. The device has an OLED display with a 6.72 inches screen and 1236 x 2676 pixels. It is powered by the Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon in an octa-core setup and 8GB RAM.

The Huawei Nova 9 Pro has a front camera with 2 cameras of 32 megapixels with one serving as a wide camera while the other is the ultrawide camera. On the back, you get a camera setup of 4 ranging from 50 megapixels to 2 megapixels.  To be able to store all your amazing images, you get two storage options of 128GB and 256GB. The battery supports fast charging and packs a capacity of 4000mAh. The device is powered by Huawei’s operating system, the HarmonyOS 2.0 which is now shipped with all Huawei phones. 

5. Huawei Nova 7i

Huawei Nova 7i

Price: GH¢1,250 to GH¢1,470


Release date: February 2020

Display; IPS LCD, 6.4 inches, 1080 x 2310 pixels

Processor; Kirin 810 (7 nm), Octa-core

Front Camera; 16 MP, f/2.0, (wide)

Rear Camera;  

48 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide)

8 MP, f/2.4, (ultrawide)

2 MP, f/2.4, (macro)

2 MP, f/2.4, (depth)


Storage; 128GB

Battery Capacity; Li-Po 4200 mAh, non-removable

OS; Android 10, EMUI 10, no Google Play Services

Huawei Nova 7i Review

The Huawei Nova 7i was released into the market in February 2020 featuring an IPS LCD with a 6.4 inches screen at 1080 x 2310 pixels. The device runs on the Kirin 810 and an octa-core set up which is pretty decent for 2021. In addition, the 1080 x 2310 pixels have a 4 camera set up at the back featuring wide, ultrawide, macro, and depth cameras while the front has a single camera set up with a 16 megapixels wide camera. You get a storage capacity of 126GB is which is good as the device still allows you to expand on this with an SD card. However you have to sacrifice one of your sim cards if you want to use the expandable storage option and oh, you have to get a nana sD card. It has a battery capacity of 4,200 mAh and is powered by the Android 10 operating system. 

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6. Huawei P30 Pro


Price: GH¢2.500 to GH¢3,100


Release date: March 2019

Weight: 192g

Dimensions: 158 x 73.4 x 8.4mm

OS: Android 9Screen size: 6.47-inch

CPU: Kirin 980


Storage: 128/256/512GB

Battery: 4,200mAh

Rear camera: 40MP + 20MP + 8MP + ToF

Front camera: 32MP

Huawei P30 Pro Review

For a 2019 release, the Huawei P30 Pro is still a very attractive device. It set the pace for a quad-camera setup on any smartphone and companies like Apple and Samsung have caught on to the trend. 

The device is a true flagship that has allowed it to stand the test of time as new and flashy phones are released yearly. Its cameras are simply amazing and its design is flawless.

7. Huawei P30


Price: GH¢2,900 to GH¢3,200


Release date: March 2019

Weight: 165g

Dimensions: 149.1 x 71.4 x 7.6mm

OS: Android 9Screen size: 6.1-inch

Resolution: 1080 x 2340

CPU: Kirin 980


Storage: 64/128/512GBBattery: 3,650mAh

Rear camera: 40MP + 16MP + 8MP

Front camera: 32MP

Huawei P30 Review

The Huawei P30 gained notoriety in 2019 for checking a lot of boxes. Not just in features, but also specifications and hardware. It comes in great at the following departments; camera quality, excellent design, maintains the headphone jack, has a 40W wireless charging capability, and finally, the device performs very well under low light when taking pictures and recording videos. 

The drawbacks of this device are that, first of all, it has a water and dust resistance of IP53 which is not very resistant considering its status. The battery isn’t bad but not worth talking about. For its specs, a bigger battery and longer battery life would have made a great device for the smartphone. 

8. Huawei P40 Pro


Price: GH¢3,100 to GH¢3,700


Release date: March 2020

Weight: 209g

Dimensions: 158.2 x 72.6 x 9mm

OS: Android 10

Screen size: 6.58-inch

CPU: Kirin 990RAM: 8GBStorage: 128/256/512GB

Battery: 4,200mAh

Rear camera: 50MP + 40MP + 12MP + ToF

Front camera: 32MP

Huawei P40 Pro Review

The Huawei released in 2020 is a massive spec bump. The geeks can take a look at its spec sheet after this short review. The device is almost the ultimate device. The Huawei US ban really hit this device badly as Huawei’s App Gallery is still in its early stages and not as popular as the Google Mobile Services.

9. Huawei P20 Pro


Price: GH¢1,300 to GH¢1.800


Release date: 2018, April 06

Weight: 180g

Dimensions: 155 x 73.9 x 7.8mm

OS: Android 9

Screen size: 6.1-inch

Resolution: 1080 x 2240

CPU: Kirin 970

RAM: 6GBStorage: 128GB

Battery: 4,000mAh

Rear camera: 40MP+20MP+8MP

Front camera: 24MP

Huawei P20 Pro Review

The Huawei P20 Pro is a good high-end smartphone that will be useful to most users. For a 2018 device, it may not quite stack up well against the Samsung Galaxy S21s and the iPhone 12s. When it comes to devices, much of the choice has to do with personal preferences and needs. 

The device has a compelling set of features and will be a great daily driver. Its RAM, display, and battery allow for power usage. For photo lovers, its quad-camera setup is great for taking photos of that lovely dinner even if you took the low light corner table. 

10. Huawei P40 Pro Plus


Price: GH¢6,500 to GH¢7065


Release date: June 2020

Weight: 226g

Dimensions: 158.2 x 72.6 x 9mm

OS: Android 10

Screen size: 6.58-inch

CPU: Kirin 990 5GRAM: 8GB

Storage: 128/256/512GB

Battery: 4,200mAh

Rear camera: 50MP + 40MP + 8MP + 8MP + ToF

Front camera: 32MP 

Huawei P40 Pro Plus Review

Well, this is finally the most beautiful device on our list of best Huawei phones to buy in 2021. The list has been long and we have to crown it with the Huawei P40 Pro+. The device is an embodiment of its name.


Huawei is definitely a brand worth considering in your search for the best and ideal smartphone for you. We hope our list of Huawei phones you should have in mind in 2021 is helpful in your search. The best way to choose a smartphone is to look at your preferences, budget, and your daily use. This combination will give you a few shortlisted devices you can then choose from. 

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