Best 8 Mobile Phones for Photography

With the advanced technology in smartphones, there is often no need for an addition camera when you want to shoot professional quality photographs unless you want to take pictures as a business. Most amateur photographers use a smartphone because they have it with them for those candid shots, and they don’t have to carry more than one piece of equipment.

The old camera phones produced grainy, low quality pictures, but the smartphones today are able to produce beautiful, stunning photographs that might only need minor tweaking in a picture software program if it needs any tweaking at all. There are mobile phones for sale at most retailers, but they can be purchased from a classified site like Tonaton.com too.

1. Samsung Galaxy S 5

With rear and front facing cameras, the Samsung Galaxy gives you the option of putting yourself into your photographs with ease. The S 5 is a serious upgrade from the Galaxy S 4. It allows photography buffs to shoot pictures quickly and easily. The 1080p HD 5 inch screen lets you see the quality of the photograph before you snap the picture. Every year, Samsung outdoes itself with bigger and better cameras. Even if you have to buy last year’s model, the Samsung Galaxy S 4, you’re going to have a powerful camera at your fingertips.

2. Nokia Lumia 1020

The Lumia 1020 takes stunning photographs, and you’ll often be surprised to see how much quality you receive from this smartphone camera. The phone has optical image stabilization. This feature eliminates photographs that look blurry because the person’s hand is moving. Shaky images are the number one reason that photographs look blurry. The Pro Camera app allows photographers to change shutter speed, white balance and exposures. This makes the Lumia a smart camera as well as a smartphone.

3. Sony Xperia Z1s

This is the perfect camera for outdoor shots. Not only does it have an HDR mode that brightens dark areas of a scene and lowers bright areas to give stunning detail, but the phone can be submerged in water. All those underwater shots that you’ve been missing out on can now be taken with the Xperia. The phone can be taken down to about 1.5 meters for less than 30 minutes, but this breakthrough in underwater phones is amazing for the outdoor photographer.

4. Apple iPhone 5

With upgraded optics and advanced HDR modes, the iPhone 5 is better with each model produced. It has image stabilization for steady shots. The photos taken with the iPhone are some of the best photographs taken with any camera phone. The phone offers less options than some of the others on this list, but even without the extra features, the quality of the pictures is superior to them. Like one of the previously mentioned phones, this one has a front and rear facing camera. The rear has 8 megapixels while the front has 1.2 megapixels.

5. HTC One

In most mobile phones, the cameras are given more pixels to create higher quality photographs. Pixels give the pictures high definition. Instead of giving the HTC One more pixels, the UltraPixel camera has larger pixels. With the large 4.7 inch screen, you can see your pictures in high definition right on the phone. This helps with photography since you don’t have to wait until you get home to your computer to see if the shot was captured perfectly.

6. Nokia Lumia 925

This is an older version of the Lumia but still bears comparison on this list since it has great features including optical image stabilization. It allows a sequence of photos because it has such quick responsiveness. There are six Carl Zeiss lenses built into the phone, which allows versatility to the camera’s photographs. It features night portrait technology as well as close-ups. A fun feature of the Lumia 925 is the Photobeamer. It allows you to set up a slideshow that can be beamed anywhere like a projector. When you’re enjoying time with friends or family, you can dim the lights and project a high quality image onto the wall.

7. Google Nexus 5

The Google Nexus 5 has many features to make it a good camera. It has both front and rear facing cameras for a variety of shots including selfies. There are options to take video, panorama shots and photo sphere options. Within the features of the camera are options for exposure, flash and HDR. The Nexus 5 has the ability to take fantastic photographs in low light. The interface allows more in-depth choices like night, sunset or action features. The Nexus will make adjustments to the scene based on the settings you apply. For the novice who doesn’t know what the buttons mean, the Nexus gives instruction if the buttons are tapped and held. It’s a fantastic camera for a beginner who is unfamiliar with all the options.

8. Motorola RAZRi XT890

At the bottom of the list is the RAZR, which is a good, quality smartphone in the mid price range. It’s on the list because it takes quality images for its price. There are many features to the RAZR that make it customer friendly like the 8 megapixel sensor and the large screen. Along with the ability to take shots from the touch screen, it has a shutter button that allows photographs from a locked screen. This is a great feature for quick scenes that are gone in a flash. Users can capture one of a kind photographs with the RAZR. There are filter apps available in the phone like negative and sepia tones.

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Anyone looking for good mobile phones for sale to take photographs, so they can have an all-in-one device instead of carrying two or more devices, will be pleased with the choices on this list. They can be purchased from local shops or from Tonaton.com, which has classifieds selling many items from used cars to mobile phones.

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