Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent in Ghana

When you are ready to buy property in Ghana there are several important things that must be done to ensure that you will get the best deal.

In fact, there are many people who move from apartments into houses only to find out later that they could have saved a lot of money if they would have known about certain things that are happening in that particular market.

This is why it is so important that people use a real estate agent when looking at homes.

Agents Know the Difference in Neighborhoods

For those who are going to be moving from one area to another, the worst thing they can do is blindly go shopping for a place to buy, especially when moving from a more expensive area to a cheaper one.

Not only will a good agent be able to show you the best places to look at, but they will also be aware of deals that are not yet on the market and ones that look better than they actually are.

This is exactly what happened to one family who owned several homes in Bangladesh and was in the process of investing in property in Ghana.

The husband, an astute businessman, took it on his own accord to purchase a shopping center so that he could refurbish it and then sell it for a profit. However, the reason it was for sale was because the town was changing and many people were leaving.

The result was an incredible loss.

Aren’t Real Estate Agents Expensive?

One objection that comes up with regards to using a real estate agent is that they cost a lot of money. Can one not just simply buy or sell a home without any help?

The truth is that most people end up spending more money because they don’t have an agent. The reason for this is because real estate agents have a lot of connections when it comes to banking, home inspections, and insurance.

For example, it is commonly found that when one is buying a house in Ghana (or anywhere) there will be something wrong with the home that is not detectable to the human eye. It could be an electrical problem, something with the neighborhood, or even an issue with the foundation.

People who do not have a real estate agent – someone who works in the business of buying and selling a property in Ghana on a daily basis – will not necessarily know to look out for these sorts of things. The result could be a large amount of regret with regards to a very large purchase.

This is why real estate agents will even use the expertise of a colleague when buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Agents use Someone

This may come as a surprise to many, but even those who make their living in this business do not often go into the process alone. Why? Because buying a home or piece of property is a very emotional and important decision, and mistakes can last a lifetime.

Lastly, though, there are many agents who know that the best way to get the most out of a deal is to have professional advisers to help through the process.

The Value of a Professional Adviser

Real estate is set to become even more valuable in the Greater Accra region. Many people have different opinions about why this is happening, but one of the reasons has to do with a group of real estate agents who have been making sure that the people who use their services find the best deals.

When getting the best deal, though, they are not only helping them find great houses and apartments but also making sure that they do not overpay on banking fees, home inspection services, or repairs that the home may need.

This is helping everyone make much more money, and the result, as they say in New York City, is that they are “pulling a Katz.” What this means is that they are introducing a completely new way of doing business that has benefited everyone and altered the course of how the business will be done, as was defined by a young businessman named David Katz who is the vice president of a real estate holding company that deals in solar energy.

Having said this, there are times when a real estate agent will cost you money, and for this, you need to be aware.

When is a Real Estate Agent not Beneficial?

Your average real estate agent is going to bring you in on some good deals and save you a lot of money. The best agents will provide a level of service that makes you want to refer them to others. Then there are the agents who will cost you money.

This third group is a very small minority but ends up making up for a large part of the bad reputation that real estate agents have in some people’s minds. You can avoid them by recognizing their characteristics.

These are the agents who are disorganized, do not keep appointments, and have little regard for your time. When they show disregard for your time you can be sure that they will not be looking out for your money either. The results will be that you may end up in a home that is not suitable for your needs, and one that you paid too much for.

In cases like this many conclude that they should have gone out on their own, but the truth is that they should have had a better real estate agent.

When you use a real estate agent you are going to save a lot of money, find a home in the neighborhood that suits your needs, and make a lot more money on the investments you are looking for.

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