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Before Your National Service Start, Try These Things

It’s the last semester for most final year students and the reality of life is about dawning on them. “What next?” is what most of them have in mind and the decision is tougher by the minute since there are a lot of options out there. However, the experience doesn’t have to be that bad. In between when you finish school and when National Service starts, you can try out these things.

  • Intern for the 3 Months: internship builds you up and offers an avenue for you to try out your interests, build you worth of experience and come to the field of work more prepared than others. It can be tiring but it’s worth it. Find something you’d love to learn or have a major interest in and make it work.


  • Acquire A New Skill: It is very unlikely that your parents will continue to give you money on regular basis. Acquiring a new skill can be a source of money and a great use of your time. You may learn simple skills such as beads-making or catering. The skills acquired can also give you additional income even when you start working.


  • Beef Up Your Creativity and Innovation: It is always better if you come to the table with more than just the set of skills and things you learnt from school. There are so many opportunities out there for you to expand your horizon. This is not to say you need to sit on Wikipedia all day (not saying it’s bad though) but lighter spaces like Instagram and Pinterest have more than you are willing to learn. There are so many creative individuals trying out things and exploring new ideas that you can learn from.
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