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Many sellers on Tonaton don’t fully utilize the tools available to them to describe or portray the items they’re trying to sell. Full product descriptions, excellent photographs, and accurate price points can greatly increase the price items sell for. The following tips will help you not only get more views on your listenings, but also increase the frequency with which you successfully sell.

First, make sure your items are placed in the appropriate product categories on Tonaton. If you’re selling mobile phones, listing them in the computer or computer accessories categories is going to reduce the visibility they receive when users are searching for a particular item.

Listing Descriptions
Successful sales start with great listing descriptions. Not only including basic product information like size, weight, and quality of the item, but also including background information about the product helps as well, such as when you purchased it and why you’re selling it.

If the product you are selling is damaged or has ever been repaired, telling the buyer before they purchase can help prevent negative feedback – a repercussive action that may prevent you from selling on Tonaton in the future.

Selling New?
Retailers who use Tonaton to sell new products typically include product descriptions direct from the product’s manufacturer like product weight, software information, and any other technical specifications that manufacturers include in the packaging. Additionally, they also include photographs of their store-front and information about their company.

For instance, mobile phones retailers take the time to tell customers how long they’ve been in business, where they’re located, and how they guarantee or insure all of their products. This additional information, although implied, is valuable to potential customers who would like to know they can call or email someone if their products are defective.

High-Resolution Photographs
Tonaton gives sellers the ability to upload high-resolution photographs for every listing.

Because buyers rarely ever get to see the product they’re purchasing before it arrives at their home, high quality photographs are the only representation they have of the product they’ll be receiving.

As a seller, try to include as many photographs as you can of the front, back, and sides of your product. Include any pictures of the boxes the product came in and any additional accessories that will be included.

Recent surveys on Tonaton showed that listings with pictures were up to 10 times more likely to be clicked on than listings with just product descriptions.

Price Research
Anything will sell at the right price, but how do you know how much to list your item for?

Start by looking for similar or identical products on Tonaton and seeing how much they’ve sold for in the past. If your products are unique, look on competing retailer sites in Ghana to find out how much the products sell for new or used in other markets. If your product doesn’t sell right away, you can adjust the price or update your listing with additional information to try and entice more potential buyers to take a look.

Unique Products
If your goal is to increase the amount you’re selling on Tonaton, know that the company offers the ability to list unique items like cars and property in addition to consumer products. While cars and property are a much harder sell, Tonaton has made it easy to include in-depth descriptions and photographs of each and the ability to contact sellers to come and take a look at the big purchase before committing to buying online.

Tonaton emphasizes being smart and safe when meeting potential buyers. Cars and property should only be viewed if they’re in a local area, as Tonaton discourages buyers from traveling across Ghana to look at products.

Tonaton Leader
Although there are numerous classifieds in Ghana, Tonaton is the largest online marketplace. Sellers who choose to use Tonaton are already at an advantage because of their ability to reach thousands of visitors each month. Although listing on multiple sites may increase visitor traffic to your item, Tonaton is one of the few companies that encrypts and secures each transaction to increase both buyer and seller protections.

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