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Beautiful Room Painting Designs & Decorations for Ghanaians

Beautiful room painting designs are something you may not have thought about until now. The room is such an essential part of our lives, but we, unfortunately, put it at the back of our minds and never really consider the room and place we live in. Is your room as you’d like it to be? Is there more you can do to your room to improve its design and make it more beautiful? 

It’s time to start making some room improvements by incorporating some beautiful painting designs to decorate your room. You owe it to yourself to make your room the place it should be. Your room should be a place where you can be yourself, relax, have fun, enjoy your company and rekindle when you step out. Therefore, your room design should be such that it provides you with this experience. 

In this article, we will look at how to begin to change your room design and the painting. We will also give you some room painting designs for inspiration. 

Room Painting Designs: How to Design Your Room in Ghana

How to Design Your Room in Ghana

How exactly to start to make your room your ideal room in Ghana. The following are some factors to consider on this journey. 

Select a Color Palette

Colors determine a large amount of the mood of your room. They can affect your emotions and evoke certain reactions from you. This is why you should give some thought to the colors you want your room to be. 

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Some moods and the corresponding colors

  • Vibrant: Mustard yellow.
  • Comforting: Rose pink.
  • Energizing: Bright white.
  • Dreamy: Light gray.
  • Elegant: Gold.
  • Fun: Creamy apricot.
  • Soothing: Light yellow.
  • Cool: Sea blue.

Consider Your Space and Your Needs for Room Painting Designs

Space needs to be managed. And if you want to make the most of it, you have to plan out the space before you start placing items there. Planning allows you to imagine and map where each piece of decoration should go to best fit the room structure and allow ease of moment and relaxation. 

Add Elements of Nature

Nature is something many Ghanaians don’t take time to appreciate. Or perhaps we just don’t care enough. But Nature is a healer and antidepressant. Nature has lots of benefits and by bringing some elements of nature into your room, you can build a safe and healthy environment for yourself. 

Some benefits of Elements of Nature in a Room

  • Nature can improve your mood.
  • It can reduce your feelings of stress or anger.
  • They help relax and restore your energy
  • Nature improves your physical health.
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem.

What is Your Style?

Style is an important aspect of your room. You will be using your room for a good amount of time. So, why not make it the best place to be? Considering that you cannot always determine the nature of the places you will go to during the day. Adding some personal style will also help you feel more at home. Think about the colors you like, the furniture that represents you and makes your life easier. Imagine your ideal room and seek to create it. It may not be possible to do it all at once due to time, budget, or some other reason. But try to make your room the best place to be. 

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Determine the Basic Furniture to Build Your Design On

Rooms come in different sizes. And the placement of furniture can be made easier if you simply take a look at the structure of your room, the placement of your bed, your wardrobe, your dressing mirror, your washroom, and other important details. Using this information, you can be able to fit your furniture and still have enough space for movement and other contingent things. 

Use Accent Items

An accent is any piece of furniture or anything that stands out of the normal room design, color patterns, or theme. Accents could be curtains, sofa sets, cushions, tablecloths, or other decorative items. Using accents adds some sophistication to your design and adds some spice to your everyday living. You can even have sets of accents you use at certain times of the year which determine the general theme or mood.

Ways to Room Painting Designs in Ghana

Ways to Decorate Your Room in Ghana

1. Artwork

room artwork

Using paintings, pictures, and other forms of artwork is a common way of decorating your room or even other parts of your house such as the living room design. They show your sense of preference, tastes, and style. They also show a bit of who you are telling your story. Visitors who appreciate art will be able to appreciate your style in ways that conversation may not be able to create. 

2. Room Wallpaper Designs

Room Wallpaper Designs

Don’t want the dull paint? Or are you simply looking for something more exciting? You can transform your room into a whole new wonderful place. What’s good is that you can always remove wallpaper designs without removing your room painting. This way, you can maintain the original look and still have the luxury of changing the room anytime you want. 

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3. Painting

room Painting design

Painting is one of the first elements of room decoration everyone considers. However, not much thought is usually given to the colors. And in most cases, it’s generic mono-color choices we make. A room can have more than one color combined to make shapes, and other beautiful designs. However, if you prefer a single color, refer to our color guide above to select a color that meets the mood you want to set for the room. 

4. Wall Mural

Wall Mural

A mural is perhaps the most sophisticated way to make your room very nice, personal, and stylistic. With a good artist, you can create the most natural rendition of images and seamless designs that make your room feel more than a room. 

5. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Floors are boring, right? But who made them so? The fact that we walk on the floor doesn’t mean they have to be boring and present no particular sense of style or beauty. With a simple vinyl flooring decoration, you can transform your floor from ordinary tiles or plain concrete into a nice and beautiful floor to walk on. 


Adding a beautiful room painting and decorative design touches is the best way to enjoy your room. Rooms are supposed to be places where we can be happy, enjoy our own company and showcase our style. Designing a room isn’t an easy feat. But a step at a time will get you there faster than trying to do it all at once which might overwhelm you. 

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