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Apartments for Sale in Ghana: A Quick Guide, Prices and Where to Buy!

Owning your place of abode is one of the most crucial needs of an individual, and finding the best apartments for sale in Ghana is one of the first steps in getting your own place to stay. When you are looking for an apartment, there are certain challenges that typically come up and without guidance, it could turn into frustrating. But we all know finding your home shouldn’t be a stressful thing. At the end of the day, we want to return home to relax. 

In this article, we will look at the simple steps you can take to find a nice apartment in Ghana at the tap of a finger, the pricing, and a few frequently asked questions about the topic. 

Steps to Finding an Apartment for Sale in Ghana

Finding an Apartment for Sale in Ghana

1. Log in to Tonaton

Tonaton is Ghana’s largest marketplace and has the largest property listings in the country. The portal is free to use and has helped many Ghanaians to find their dream apartments to stay in. The website has over 22,151 properties listed on the site and apartments for sale in Ghana. Depending on your location, you have access to all of these apartments available for sale. If you are new to our platform, you can signup. 

2. Go to the Properties > Apartments Section

Navigate to the properties section and select the apartments section. Here, you can see all the available apartments for sale. You can make this selection manually at the left side right after you click the “All Ads” on the homepage. You can also use the search option to search for apartments. The left-side search tool is very helpful in finding particular apartments based on location, price, and other information. The best way to find your ideal apartment is by using the filters and checking the prices of each listing you see. 

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3. Find Your Desired Properties

If you created your account, you will be able to favorite the apartments you like so you can have them in one place for immediate access. 

4. Contact the Company, Agent to Arrange Viewing

You can find the contact information of the agent or company that posted the ad for the apartments you are interested in. 

Make a call and ask them some questions to verify the availability of the apartment and other information of interest to you. Be sure to bargain and try to beat down their price when it exceeds your budget or you think it doesn’t merit the asking price. 

A pro tip here is to compare the price of the apartment to the prices of similar apartments in the same location. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect and how to bargain. 

5. Do this for 5 Apartments

Remember we are viewing 5 apartments before making a decision. This will allow you to experience different apartments and be able to compare. 

6. Compare the Apartments

Compare and contrast the various apartments on the platform. You can keep a notebook where you outline the benefits and drawbacks of each apartment. Try to imagine how each place will be and how it will fit into your daily life. This is important since you will be staying there for a while, and you do not want a place that makes you uncomfortable. 

7. Select The Best Apartment

There are hundreds of apartments on It may time some time to find the perfect mix between price, features, location, and other things you value. Do not rush the process. But rather, take your time to find what you really like, This will prevent many compromises which you may regret once you have paid for the apartment. 

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8. Review Documentation, Pay and Move-in

This may be the most boring part of it all but it is probably the most important. Missing out some details in the documentation may mean some dire future consequences. So, take your time and review everything. If you need to consult a lawyer or a legal representative, do so. 

Once you are satisfied with the documentation including payment plans and the consequences of default, only then can you make payment and move into your new home apartment.  

Disclaimer: Do not take this for legal advice. Be sure to do your independent research and work with a legal representative or a licensed agent where necessary. 

Buying from Real Estate Companies

Tonaton is always looking for the best for users. Therefore, we have partnered with real estate developers who are offering premium properties such as apartments on our platform. Working with a real estate developer may save you some cost as you avoid the middle agent. If this suns good for you, our new developments category was created just for you. 

Prices of Apartments for Sale in Ghana

Apartments for Sale could be expensive and they could also be very affordable. However, the vast majority are quite beyond the average Ghanaian’s grasp. The Pricing for apartments in Ghana depends on various factors as you may have guessed.

Factors such as location, facilities, amenities and who pays for those amenities, size of the apartment itself, and the quality of materials used on building form part of the price. Also, whether you are buying from a developer or a real estate agent (individuals or companies) affects the final cost you as the buyer pays.

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But in a nutshell, “executive apartments” of two rooms which are mostly furnished (varying number of rooms) in a gated building or community could cost anything around GH¢100,000 to GH¢1,000,000. If you want to go super-luxury, you could find apartments well beyond the GH¢1.5 million mark. 


The real estate market in Ghana is now getting more apartments as compared to previously where houses for rent and sale were the dominant properties one could get. Today, you can rent or buy apartments of all types, sizes, and facilities. You can find penthouses and much more luxurious apartments. However, most of these apartments are in Accra. 

FAQs About Apartments for Sale in Ghana

How much does an apartment cost in Ghana?

Apartments in Ghana could cost anything around GH¢100,000 to GH¢1,000,000. If you want to go super-luxury, you could find apartments well beyond the GH¢1.5 million mark.


Are there apartments in Ghana?

Yes, There are lots of nice apartments in Ghana most of which are shared flats. There are also penthouses usually on the last floor at the highest of the building.


How is rent paid in Ghana?

Rent is paid mostly through mobile money or banks. Most landlords require one-year advance payments despite the law limiting advance payments to 6 months. Some landlords require much more like 2 years.


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