The Android World and It’s Possibilities

Back in the day, the god of the phone game was Nokia. Then came Motorola L6 (most stylish flip phone)and NEC 3. Sony Erikson followed and the host of other original brands in that order. Back then, it was pretty easy and simple to distinguish between the  original and the ‘China’ or fake ones.

However, all this has changed with the advent of android. It started off by giving it’s users a friendly platform that doesn’t just allow for more space to do things, but also allows you to  work in your own space. Android also alleviated that wide gap that existed between what was original and expensive and the cheap replicas that only had a ‘Michael Jackson’ sort of animation jamming on the audio player.

moto g

Now, one is able to WhatsApp, tweet and get answered at the touch of a button and also take nice enough images while keeping in touch with all the information on the internet. With a simple android phone that costs about GHS 200, you are assured of a very nice experience. 

Android hmakes it possible to trade and sell online, chat and connect to the rest of the world as well as have a voice in the cluttered virtual world of “wannabes”, occasional rebels and legion of entrepreneurs pushing the ‘YOUNG, WILD and FREE’ identity.


It is now easier, simpler and more interesting to be a part of the world that continues to evolve, thanks to the internet and relentless ambition of the tech world. It doesn’t matter what phone you own, you can now be a part of that community and have a voice.   

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