Android Phones & Their Advantages

In the world of hyper-connectivity and abundant information, your best bet to keeping up is a gadget that combines all the facets you need in one place and understand all your needs at no cost. These gadgets come in different ranges and different prices but the most effective and affordable amongst these devices are the android ones.

These devices offer a clean simple platform that allows you to tailor your behaviour and your habits online into a beautiful union. With more than a billion applications for your every need, these android handsets don’t only give you a way to live and enjoy life as it has become but also be a part of the conversation.


With an android platform, you don’t really need any appliance remote at home. Their inbuilt infrared on top of them allows them to control either the TV or whatever appliance you want to be fine-tuned. This makes it more useful and helpful than other platforms that offer little for so much money.

Android phones are flexible. They allow you to add to the storage you have at your disposal unlike a platform like iOS that comes fixed. You don’t have to be stuck with the same memory or space considering there are a lot of things you may not want to lose or delete when you need more to be added.

If you’re a music head and love your new music, android is the best platform to keep you up to date and trendy when the new music drops. With android, you don’t need a platform for uploading music to your phone. You don’t have to have a particular app or software before music can be added. It is music on the go with android and that is the WORD!

Charging your phone shouldn’t be much of a hustle since android devices come with similar ports. The charger of a Samsung can charge an HTC and the same can charge a Motorola. There is no difficulty in getting your phone charged when your phone is on the verge of going off when you need it the most.

For most android phones, you can take out your battery if your phone starts messing up. The urgency with which you attend to the phone when your phone is going on and off with android can be done in seconds while with a phone like iPhone, it will be difficult because it is a closed system with little to be done.

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