6 All-Time Classic Shoes Men Can Wear To Any Occasion

Shoes are a very important part of a man’s closet. Having shoes which make you stand out on any occasion is even more priceless. Shoes are often seen as official wear or at the least, business casual. However, shoes can equally be styled with other clothes to match casual events and social gatherings. It all depends on the type of shoe and the styling that goes along with it.

Since time immemorial, the classic man has been characterised by a nice pair of shoes. These have over time been attributed to official work attire. But shoes were a characteristic of the classic man and not the working man alone. 

Whether you are going for a party, corporate event, dressing for work, or attending to your usual day, a nice pair of shoes will surely give you the confidence and spark of that classic gentleman. 

In this blog, we will be looking at some of the most versatile shoe types which you can style to fit any occasion, event or workplace setting. 

We will be considering these shoes in no particular order. Each one may have a better appeal to different people. So feel free to go through and go with those that will work best for you.

Whichever shoes you choose to buy, be sure to have one or two shoes in your closet. 

7 All-Time Classic Shoes You Can Wear To Any Occasion

1. Oxford

oxford shoes fashion

The Oxford shoe is considered the most elegant type of men’s shoe.

Oxfords were designed for formal but have been adapted to fit almost any occasion as casual, casual and semi-formal.  

The key highlight of the oxford shoe is its lacing system which has been called “Closed lacing”.

The closed lacing is based on the Lace-up style of shoes even though oxfords are not the only lace-up shoes out there.

Oxfords come in a different number of eyelet holes. Eyelet holes are the holes through which the laces are interlaced. They could be 3, 4, 5, or even 6. It mostly depends on the country of origin or the individual taste of the patron of the shoe. 

Oxfords can be made from a number of materials including leather, suede and canvas. It is highly common to find them in colours of black or brown. However, Oxfords are sometimes made in other colours. 

Oxfords could be either plain or come in patterns called “Brogues”. 

Main Attributes of the Oxford Shoe

The Quarters contain the facing. It extends from the facing to the back of the shoe where the heel rests upon inside the shoe. It is usually lower than the ankle so the ankle may be seen when worn. 

Vamp The Vamp comes after the Quarters and is placed between the straight cap and the Quarter (Including the facing). It is the region we can safely call the front of the shoe. 

Facing is a part of the quarter which the eyelets are added so the lace can be applied up. 

Straight Cap extends from the end of the vamp and covers the toes. It forms the tip of the shoe as it joins the sole of the shoe.

2. Derby

derby shoes

Derbies are a great choice for you if you already have a preference for the oxfords. Typically, men do find it difficult to differentiate between a pair of oxfords from a pair of derbies. Some men may even think they are the same thing. And this would be totally understandable. 

The Derby and The Oxford are very similar. They look the same, have the same parts and have similar variations. 

What is the difference between Oxfords and Derbies?

Open Lacing Vs Closed Lacing

It all boils down to the lacing. Oxfords are closed laced while Derbies are open laced. This means when the laces have been loosened in both, the oxfords won’t open up while the derbies will surely open up.

This is as a result of the way the facings in each type of shoe have been sewn to the quarters.

This the case of the oxfords, the quarters are sewn underneath the vamp. With the derby, the facings are sewn on top of the vamps. 

Since the quarters are stitched under the vamps, they do not open up making it difficult to pull them open with effort. This tends to make it difficult for people with big feet. It also makes it difficult to take the shoes off after wearing them.

3. Boots

winter boots

Boots come in various shapes, sizes and even colours. They are definitely not an all-weather type of shoes for everyone. But depending on the nature of your work, boots could be what you find yourself wearing for the most time at work. 

Some people simply prefer to wear boots too. This could be to work and other social situations. 

Boots are usually heavy and big and come in varying quality. Hence choosing one that fits your style, size and comfort may be difficult.

However, consider what you would typically wear boots for. Is it for work? Perhaps your work requires safety boots and some high-quality boots will be really handy. Making this consideration may help decide from the lot.

4. Monk Strap

monk strap shoes

Monk strap shoes are a good combination for a wide variety of purposes. They can be worn for official, casual and semi-formal purposes. Their design makes them unique as they stand out from other popular shoe types such as the derbies and oxfords. 

Monk straps do not have laces and depend on straps to fasten them firmly for comfort. 

History has it that the monk strap shoes were made by monks hence the name. Due to harsh weather conditions, the monks needed a way to protect their feet. The innovation was to cover their traditional monk strap sandals making a shoe with straps and fully covered their feet. 

The shoe may have been made by monks but it has been adopted by many and has come to have a multipurpose function for various people. 

5. Brogue

brogue shoes

Brogues are a very funny type. They are traditionally shoes or boots with typically 3 pieces of the material used to make them.

However, their do not derive their name from any of these features. The defining feature of a brogue is the presence of stylised holes called “Brogues”. These perforations are done at the edges of the shoes and can be visibly seen. 

This single feature makes brogue shoes more than just a single shoe type but a feature almost any shoe can have.

Evidently, oxfords and derbies sometimes have brogues. 

If you like those nicely perforated holes in shoes, then a brogue is what you need to get. 

6. Loafer


If the mention of straps got you excited in the monk strap section, you might be even happier that loafers don’t have any form of lacing or fastening. You simply put them on and you are good to go. 

Loafers are sometimes called slip-ons.

Loafers may or may not come with heels. When they come with heels, the heels are usually very low. 

These types of shoes are all occasion ready. Depending on the material and style, loafers can be used for formal, semi-formal and casual purposes. 

Loafers are very comfortable and go well with suits as well. 

They are sometimes considered feminine but this isn’t exactly the case as they vary in style and material. They, however, have variants for females. 

Loafers are however typically casual wear. 


As we said in the introduction, these shoes are great and having them would be great. We believe you have been able to find a few suitable shoes to buy. It is best you consider your need for the shoes and then use that to choose the best fit or fits for that.

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