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Abossey Okai Spare Parts and Dealers in Ghana

If you have ever tried to find spare parts in Ghana, you would probably be “stained” with the stress and pain associated with simply finding replacement parts for your car. Abossey Okai is one of the places people travel from all over the country to buy spare parts. Finding everyday parts isn’t as difficult as finding those parts which actually make the vehicle work. 

It’s a different hustle all together to find spare parts as a vehicle owner in Ghana. You would have to park your car in some cases, wait for a few months for the appropriate part you want to arrive from either Kumasi (Suame Magazine) or Abossey Okai (Accra). These are probably the most reliable places for home-used or second-hand spare parts in Ghana. This means a lot of demand on these prominent markets to supply the country. 

Now, what is Abossey Okai?

Abossey Okai Spare Parts and Dealers in Ghana

What is Abossey Okai?

Abossey Okai is the name of a town in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Most people might not realize it’s actually the name of the place. This is because at the mention of “Abossey Okai”, vehicle spare parts come to mind. 

This is because lots of private and retailers go there to get their car parts. If you ask a mechanic to get you a certain car part, know that they’re far likely to be at Abossey Okai to get it for you.

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As a simple town with nothing peculiar about it, Abossey Okay has grown to become a market on its own known for car and vehicular spare parts accessories and more. The story of how that particular place became what it is today isn’t clear and well documented. However, a story by Pulse Ghana indicates that one Mr. Asare in 1981 decided to start a small-scale business selling car spare parts at Abossey Okai. Mr. Asare would have spare parts from foreign suppliers then sell them to local private buyers. 

Perhaps Mr. Asare knew the business would boom, maybe he didn’t. However, history has it that his small establishment quickly became very lucrative, rewarding, and attractive. Like in many industries, many local people interested in the spare parts business took this as a sign to join Mr. Asare at Abossey Okai. 

As time went on, the number of sellers at the market increased. This created a thriving marketplace where you can find any kind of car part for different car manufacturers. Abossey Okai is the one-stop-shop for car owners looking to get their car back to shape.

Spare Parts Market In Ghana and Abossey Okai


Ghana has been heralded as The Automotive Hub Of West Africa. Ghana has gained this reputation due to the high percentage of imports annually that is attributed to the automotive industry. Also, there is a carmaker, The Kantanka group, which makes cars locally by sourcing car parts from partners overseas. 

The Ghanaian auto industry and by extension the spare parts industry is currently doing well. However, there is a lot of potential for the market. Most local car users are for public transport and a few private users. Most of whom are at the top tier. The middle class is just getting on the bandwagon hence a higher demand for cars especially used cars from the US, Europe, and other international zones. 

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Financial inclusion is a huge problem when it comes to financing cars. A lot of Ghanaians willing to take debt facilities to fund their desire to acquire vehicles get stopped by system barriers in the financial market.

This perhaps is the biggest issue. However, used cars are still within the reach of many Ghanaians. In fact, used cars make approximately 90% of imported vehicles in the country.

Most of these vehicles take less time to develop faults which means the need for spare parts and experienced mechanics. 

What Kinds of Spare Parts Can I Find at Abossey Okai?

Abossey Okai is a hub for all kinds of car parts. Beyond buying car parts, you can buy accessories, get your car serviced and get experienced mechanics to work on your car. The area is a crowded area so most of them will actually come to you to repair and service your vehicle.

You might wonder about the safety measures in such an open market. Your worry might be that you buy a car part only to discover it is faulty. 

According to the association of spare parts dealers at Abossery Okai, it’s their rule to sell only well-functioning parts. The association enforced this rule and can be helpful in case of such a stalemate. 

Abossey Okai has a welfare committee as well as an association that regulates the activities of the market. If you happen to buy a spare part that is defective, you can safely return it after a few weeks.

Abossey Okai Spare Parts dealers Sell The Following 

  • Braking system.
  • Electrified powertrain components.
  • Engine components and parts.
  • Car Engine cooling system.
  • Engine oil systems.
  • Exhaust system.
  • Fuel supply system.
  • Suspension and steering systems.
  • & More
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The Importance of Using Quality Spare Parts

The health of your vehicle is as important as your health. Being healthy can be brought short if your car is not up to full functioning capabilities. 

Hence you must be vigilant with the kind of car parts you buy. 

Types of Car Parts

1. Genuine or OE (Original Equipment)

2. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

3. After Market

4. Reconditioned parts

Directions to Abossey Okai

Spare Parts and Dealers in Ghana

Abossey Okai is a town within the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It has Kaneshie market to the north and Sabon Zango to the south as its borders. To get to Abossey Okai, use the mooveit app or enter the location into google maps to have the directions. Most of the sellers at Abossey Okai are on Tonaton. As a busy working person, the best way is to reach them is to contact them through their storefronts on Tonaton. 


Buying car spare parts has been made less unbearable by the Abossey Okai spare parts market. Out of the business acumen of one man, the market has grown to be what it is today. 

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