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7 Good Reasons Why Salespeople Are Paid Well

Salespeople are one of the highest-paid employees in any company. This is because they play a very critical role in any environment that they are employed. Sales jobs are always available in Ghana but most people would rather pass on sales job opportunities because of several misconceptions and reasons. Some of these misconceptions make the job of salespeople even more difficult. 

You might have heard the famous saying “Nothing happens until a sales is made”. This particular quote sums the importance of sales to companies and the economy at large. It is safe to say that the more important something is to an organization, the more compensation is attributed to it. 

The general agreement is that, sales is hard and that selling is what drives the economy. Imagine a world where everyone had to make what they needed and couldn’t buy things. But it isn’t that easy in this era of competition, complexities and constant change. It is becoming more difficult to sell as people can choose from a lot of equally great options. It is also difficult to get people to understand and appreciate the value of complex products. Hence the need for good salespeople. 

In this article, we will reveal some of the reasons why salespeople are paid well and why it is important that they are well compensated and happy. 

7 Good Reasons Why Salespeople Are Paid Well

They Are Tied Directly To Revenue

Selling is a direct way to bring in revenue to the organisation. And every organisation that sells a product or service sells something. The overall assessment of the company is always about how much they spent as compared to how much they made. Among the key ways revenue is generated is the work of the salesperson. When a salesperson transacts a deal, the company earns directly, as compared to other roles in the company. This doesn’t mean other employees do not contribute to the success of the company. Salespeople serve as a very direct route through which money comes into the organization. This results in the high compensation that great salespeople attract. 

Salespeople are Always in Demand

The Covid-19 pandemic came with a lot of struggles. Many companies had to lay off employees, others had to let go complete departments and several others also had to fold up. Amidst all of the layoffs, most companies had to maintain their salespeople or at worst let only a handful go. This is because once they let all salespeople go, they can say goodbye to their revenue as well. In a normal economy, businesses need salespeople to grow and to bring in more revenue. Due to the importance of sales, people who can sell are always in demand almost regardless of the state of the economy and the stage of the company. Hence it is common to see opportunities for sales jobs in Accra and other major cities in Ghana such as Kumasi.

Sales is a Performance-Based Job

Most sales jobs are completely based on commissions while some others have a basic salary plus a commission based on the performance of the salesperson. Sales roles often come with ambitious targets towards the company’s overall revenue goals. This means a lot of pressure is usually placed on sales executives to meet their targets. Meeting targets usually come with bonuses and this serves as a motivator for them to achieve the target. 

On the flip side, when they do not meet targets, they are left with a basic salary which may not be very encouraging. This puts pressure on them to strive to reach their targets no matter the conditions in the market.

Sales is Hard

This is the summary of this post. Selling is a hard job. And salespeople find themselves doing one of the most demanding and crucial professions. With difficulty and value comes more compensation to keep them more motivated. 

Selling Involves a Lot of Skill

To be a good salesperson, you need to have a good level of skill in many different areas such as negotiation, speaking, presentation, emotional intelligence, active listening, etc. 

These skills are a few among the many things a successful salesperson needs. It takes time, practice and considerable effort to learn and effectively apply these skills.

It also takes a good amount of self-education as sales are ever-changing. You need to learn sales systems, use scripts, train yourself, etc. 

The investment needed to become a great sales professional makes it difficult for most people to get through the learning curve in order to be successful. 

Sales is a Game of Attitude

Without good management of attitude, sales could become the most frustrating job you can do. Due to the frequency of rejections, pressure and targets, salespeople need to be able to manage themselves and their attitude well in order to thrive and do well. 

Managing your attitude is something that involves a lot 

Salespeople Take on More Risk

Due to the nature of sales jobs compensation, it is often a very demanding job. It also demands that salespeople take more risk to achieve their results. They need to strategically negotiate so that they provide the best of value to their customers but at the same time bring home good revenue. They take the risk of getting less income due to the flexible nature of their compensation. 

Salespeople Aren’t Always Welcome

Sales and salespeople are surrounded by myths and misconceptions. These popular concepts make it difficult for salespeople to do their job well. Part of the problem lies in how some salespeople seek immediate results which can make them very pushy and deceptive. 

The result is that the general populace tends to avoid salespeople. And when you happen to mention that you are a salesperson, people will then make it their mission to avoid you. 

Another block is that people always think salespeople are always up to play some trick to deceive them.

These and several other things make it difficult for salespeople to talk to and understand the problems of their customers. Making it even harder to convince someone to make a purchase. 

This makes sales difficult and salespeople get higher compensation for being able to get past these hurdles to achieve good results. 


Salespeople are one of the backbones of every organization. They are directly involved in bringing in revenue, new clients and generating most of the money the entire organization runs on. This places a lot of pressure on salespeople as they strive every month to meet their targets and to get extra bonuses for the hard work they do. This is because sales are hard and involves a whole lot of mental, physical and emotional effort to achieve results. 

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