5 Reasons to Consider Samsung over Any Other Smartphone

Back then when fruits (Blackberry and Apple) became gadgets and ruled supreme because of their ability to multi-task, their brilliant resolution and then offered more than enough pixels for good pictures, until Samsung provided an alternative. It was new, different and a breath of fresh air plus the price was really cool (within range).


Samsung changed the mobile or if you like the smartphone game. They introduced android and in a way killed off the competition with Blackberry and Apple. They came in different sizes and different prices that complimented the lifestyle and taste of everyone from the student to the worker and the big business executive. However, these things wouldn’t get you buying a Samsung phone because they are all history but these will;

  • Price: for as low as GH 300 you get to own one of the most durable and high functioning Galaxy S II phones that don’t only complement your lifestyle but also have you living within your means.
  • Durability: Samsung phones are hard crested hence their ability to have them in shape after withstanding the most disturbing of crashes. The phones are uniquely made with the tropics in mind. If your work has you jumping between time and on the move for most parts of the day, Samsung has you covered.
  • Battery Life: this was an issue with the earlier models of the Galaxy S series but not the new S6 and Notes. Their life is relatively longer and charging is on nitro speed. They move from 0 to 60 in seconds and full in minutes.
  • Android: as the leading brand to use the android platform, Samsung has worked long enough with Android to know when and how to introduce upgrades. Samsung phones rarely crash after OS upgrades, unlike other brands.
  • No Restrictions: there are considerably no restrictions when it comes to Samsung phones. The interaction between your phone and PC is more since you don’t require any third party app or software to get it working.
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