5 preparations before putting up a house for sale

Online sale is gradually becoming a thing in our part of the world. In the past, to sell any property meant the hiring of agents who more often than not ripped us off and expected exorbitant fees as workmanship without even taking us through the basics of making our houses worth the monies we put them up for.

It’s one thing putting an empty house for sale and another putting up a completely furnished house for sale. People seem to forget that to get your house or apartment’s worth on the market, they ought to get things right, set and put them in the right shape before putting it up for sale.

Empty houses have become a spot for age-old complaints because of their look and to be honest, moving into a new house is a lot of work which everyone finds more stress when moving into.

This article will expose us to five things we need to do before putting up furnished houses for sale.


Before you put your house on the market, leave it SPOTLESS. Deep clean everything, do not leave any stone unturned. Deep clean from the microwave to oven to refrigerator to behind furniture, ceiling fans, windows, under your sink, carpets, and every place that does not get cleaned weekly. Hire a cleaning crew if the need is for that spotless and fresh breathing experience. Let it sparkle for it is worth. Check out house cleaning services on Tonaton.


Repair works:

Do not leave anything broken or unfixed in the house. Temporary fixes don’t solve problems and work against goodwill especially if you’re in the business renting or leasing properties. Poorly fixed or repaired houses or apartments don’t give potential buyers the sort of comfort they look for when renting or leasing a property. Walls should not have any dents, dings, scratches, or marks. This may show signs of possible disaster especially since a lot of buyers are particular about dents or cracks on buildings. Your electrical should also be spot-on with nothing left to chance.


This goes for the people looking to sell furnished houses or apartments. Clutter makes a room look smaller and evokes stress. Declutter the entire home and let in some cool and fresh breeze. Don’t forget to include cabinets and closets. Kitchen countertops also count when decluttering. Your refrigerator should have nothing attached to it. It doesn’t hurt renting a storage unit to keep some of your stuff while your home is still on the market.


Remove all items that are specific to you, be it family or otherwise that gives the house a personalized aura. They may include family heirlooms, religious items, and any other thing that come with your name on them. You want your potential buyers to feel comfortable in your home and be able to feel like they can make the house their own haven. Your home should be generic enough for them to picture themselves living there.

Perfection on the Outside:

The inner perfection of the house must be translated to the exterior. While putting so much effort in making sure the house’s interior transmitted good vibes, do not leave out the exterior of your home. Some buyers may not even walk through the front door if they don’t like what they see outside. So keep your lawns tidy if you have any and consider planting some seasonal flowers it can spice things up. Remove all kid’s toys from the backyard and keep your trash cans out of sight. If your neighbor’s lawn is not mowed, then mow it for him or her (sounds like a crazy thing to do but you are trying to get your house sold and you will not allow your neighbor’s un-mowed lawn to mess up that for you).


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