5 Easy Ways To Collect Rent From Tenants Without Stress

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As a property owner, having a strategy to collect rent from tenants is a proactive move that will save you a lot of hassle. Being able to effortlessly collect rents will help you build your business and reap the benefits of your labour. It isn’t always easy, and your tenants may give you some tough times. This article will go into detail about how to effortlessly collect rent based on what is best for you and your tenants.

Before things get out of hand, it makes a world of difference to have a Tenant agreement and a  policy. The agreement will stipulate details of the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, expected behaviour and who has which responsibility. Throwing in an early rent payment discount is a great way to encourage early payment so they come to you instead of you going to look for them to pay up.

You also need to have a system for identifying and selecting tenants who are potentially cooperative. Using a platform such as Tonaton to find and subsequently, screen prospective tenants is a great option. You can post your ad for free on our free classifieds platform.

5 Easy Ways To Collect Rent From Tenants Without Stress

  1. Cash, Visiting the Property

Collecting your rent through cash payments from your tenants is one of the common ways. If you are a busy person, however, this option may not work well for you. If you also stay quite far away from the property, this option won’t be very feasible as you may have to make several trips to the property before getting your rent paid.

  1. Cashiers Check Payment

A check is one of the payment options that may be convenient for both, you as the landlord and the tenant. However, it isn’t without its problems. A check provides an avenue for several excuses for late payments such as having to wait for it to clear, having to send it to you through mail or other courier services… the list goes on. 

When using cashiers check as your payment method, it helps to stipulate some terms such as when it should get to you. A single date as deadline may mean the tenant can send the check on that day but which also means you may not exactly get it on the same day based on the courier service and distance.

  1. Mobile Money

Mobile money has come to stay after more than 10 years in the Ghanaian economy. It is probably the commonest payment option which any tenant can use no matter their background. When using mobile money as a payment option, you may want to have a merchant account to make it more trusted and also to manage the costs involved. 

Also, make sure to decide who pays the charges. As it could be a source of confusion if not agreed beforehand.

  1. Direct Deposit

A direct bank deposit is a simple and hassle-free method. You may need assistance to set it up. When completed, the agreed rent is automatically debited from the tenant’s account and credited into yours. No hassle as said. This way, all they need is to have the right amount as their balance to facilitate it. 

You may not even have to always remember. However, it helps to track the payments, when they come in and in which amounts to avoid accountability issues. Especially when there is a dispute.

  1. Online Payment Gateways

The digital age has given us some pretty good options when making transactions. Collecting rent has not been left out. 

There are several payment gateways that offer quality service and allow recurrent payments collection such as rent. Even though there aren’t any local industry-specific rent collection platforms, they are good for our purpose. 

You can check out some of the popular ones such as express pay, hubtel, paystack and flutterwave. They all allow both bank transfer, card payments and mobile money transfers.

  1. Office Location Payment

The final option goes for established real estate organisations with offices. A good option would be for your tenants to walk into your office premises and make payments. In such a case, make sure to keep documentation and give them a receipt. 

Some options may make more sense for certain situations. Whatever it is you choose, make sure to always give them a receipt. If you prefer a digital receipt, make sure it can be authenticated. Payment gateways keep track of transactions and some also offer receipt services. 

How Do You Choose A Good Method For Both Parties?

  1. How Many Properties Do You Own?

If your properties are many hence many tenants, it helps to avoid cash payments. It also helps to use a combination of our suggested ways to collect rent from tenants as not every tenant may be familiar with what you decide on.

To be clear, it could be part of the tenant agreement. State two or 3 options for them to choose. Communicate clear instructions on how they can make the payment too.

  1. Are You Okay With Technology? How About Your Tenants?

If you aren’t good with technology, you can either learn or get someone who is very good to set up your payment options. If you have less trust in online payments, then stay away from them. 

  1. Do You Have An Office?

Having an office allows you to use the last option which is to have tenants visit your office premises to pay. 

  1. How Well Do You Want To Get Personal With Tenants?

If you like to have a relationship with people who stay in your properties, it will help to collect cash so you get to see them. You can also have a property check in an agreed period which allows you to meet them and also take rent right there. 

  1. What Excuses And Challenges Does Each Payment Option Present?

For each option, consider the possible excuses your tenants may use to avoid payments or to delay payments. Try to do this as it allows you to select the right one and also to know what to expect. Equipped with this kind of information, you can easily have a plan of action for any situation that comes up.


Collecting rent just got easier. It’s now up to you to figure out what works for you and your tenants. It isn’t very easy to decide though. I suggest you take some time to work out what will work well for you, your tenants and will be convenient at little to no extra cost. If you already have tenants or have been renting for some time, ask yourself which payment option most of them prefer. 

For established businesses with offices, it helps to employ a combination of these options to operate a flexible business as not every tenant may be able to pay their rent through what is convenient for only you as a landlord.

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