5 Budget DSLR Cameras for 2015

There are a lot of fantastic DSLR devices available this year that are very affordable. Here are some examples of digital cameras in the budget category that still have plenty of features.

Canon EOS Rebel
This camera will cost a little over $500 depending on where you buy it. This is definitely on the low side for these types of cameras.

The main advantage of this camera is that it has 18 megapixels. This will give you really clear photos. In addition, you have the 9-point AF system. You can shoot the full HD video with 1080p. So this camera is effective for shooting regular shots but also taking videos if this is something that you want to do. Another big advantage to this camera is that it’s the smallest DSLR camera you are likely to find anywhere.

The disadvantage of the EOS SL1 is that it has a short battery life. The shutter delay is also a bit longer than is really ideal as well. Also, if you put the camera through a lot of heavy work like continuous video for long enough, it can get distractingly noisy as well.

Nikon D3300
This camera often comes with a number of freebies which is a considerable advantage. For example, some sites will give out free memory cards to go with it. Another advantage is that it has a high resolution at 24 megapixels. You can shoot the 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second as well. The camera is known for being easy to use and for having auto focus that gets the job done quickly.

The Nikon D3300 has a useful image stabilization feature and its shutter moves quickly as well. The main downside of the D3300 is that the LCD screen is so tiny that it can be difficult to read properly. This camera also runs a little under $500.

Pentax K-50
It’s possible to get the Pentax K-50 for as little as around $450. One of the biggest advantages of this particular camera is that it’s completely weather-sealed. This makes the K-50 an excellent choice for taking pictures in extreme weather such as in rain or in blizzards. You can also use AA batteries to support the camera which makes it unique as well.

One of the main disadvantages of this camera is that the image quality is a bit under what other cameras in the same range have. There’s no decent LCD screen on the camera either. In addition, the shutter tends to make a racket. This can be distracting when you’re trying to really focus in on a shot.

Sigma SD15
The Sigma SD15 has a large LCD monitor that’s easy to see. Its resolution is at least decent at 14 megapixels. It comes in at a little under $800 depending on the store. You can shoot at 21 frames at the same time.

One big advantage of the camera is that is has a large number of auto focusing features. For example, it has the phase detect feature, and it can detect contrast automatically as well. You can use live view, multi-area, single or continuous for auto focus technology.
The Sigma SD15 has a main disadvantage that some of its pictures often come out too small to be able to work properly in prints that are larger. It can also make it difficult to crop the images the camera produces as well.

Olympus Pen E-PL5
This modern camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels. It also has a live MOS sensor. This sensor makes it easier for beginners to shoot high-quality images. The sensor also lets you switch between over 20 different modes for getting the pictures to turn out exactly the way that you want.

The Olympus is a bit on the small and light side as well. This makes it easier for beginners to handle if they just want a basic budget camera. If you don’t want to choose a scene yourself, the iAuto feature can also do it for you. Additionally, the camera has an HDMI connection that lets you connect it right to a high definition television.

The downside is that some people find the manuals for the camera to be inadequate. It can be tough to find out what you need to know through the given documentation.

Overall, it helps to check out these budget DSLR devices before you commit to buying any of them. But they are all solid examples of camera equipment for the economically minded consumer to try.

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