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4 Easy Ways to Transition from a Student to a Worker

Just like moving from one neighborhood to another can be a big shock, culturally and psychologically, the transition from being a student to being a worker comes with the same sort of shock. The thought of waking up early in the morning to chase cars to making it safely through your initial months of service can be daunting without some guidance.

The new environment coupled with a new set of rules you need to obey and principles you need to heed can make the whole thing a bit difficult. However, some tips makes all the difference if you know where to look for them;

  • The first thing you need to understand is that you are now responsible for your choices. The times of you doing things at your pace are over. Your school days are not just over, your no consequences are also done. So start with to-do lists and make a habit out of them.


  • As a student, you get to pile up your workload and rush through them 2 weeks to the end of the semester and still gets you the results, however, it doesn’t work like that in the workspace. The assignments you’re given is what you’re expected to finish by the end of the day. Hence, make sure you understand your job description and know how to attack your duties at every point in time.


  • Having someone to show you the ropes while you push yourself is important. The task at hand can be difficult but with a mentor, it is relatively better. Networking and connecting with colleagues at the workplace is a safe way to work your way up the ladder and work in harmony.


  • Creativity and innovation are your best friends. In today’s ever-changing world of hyper-connectivity, the best thing you can have is being creative and innovative with the old and sometimes borrowed things you want to do. It is not about making the old system work but finding a new and interesting way to work the old wheels and getting that one thing they keep complaining about to take a turn. Some people are born creative but for most of the others, it’s a series of learning curves and curiosity that have led them there.


  • Your drive is all you need. No one can push you in a particular direction to achieve a particular thing unless you’re totally committed to getting it done. If you don’t resolve to get things done, you might not be able to get anything done.
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