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TonatonJOBS Revamps the Recruitment Process

With the nature of the Ghanaian job market in perspective, which has been the leading name in the classifieds market in Ghana launched a tailored platform to respond to the needs of both job seekers and recruiters. 

The platform, TonatonJOBS, connects job seekers and talent hunters in a seamless manner while addressing the challenges often faced by both parties in the recruitment process. 

TonatonJOBS platform has since been helping individuals and organisations to handle their recruitment without much of the hassle experienced before. Tonaton has a pool of monthly views and lots of registered job seekers ready to apply. This has made TonatonJOBS a preferred platform. 

However, in the spirit of providing the best to our clients, membership or free listings package, we constantly seek to provide the best of features and service. 

Exciting New Features on the TonatonJOBS Platform

Features for Employers

To make your recruitment easier, we have added these new features for HR and Talent Managers.

  1. Free Ad Posting: You can now post 3 job ads for free every month.
  2. New Job Categories: We have simplified the job posting experience by introducing job categories and roles. This categorization will help applicants find your job(s) more easily, resulting in more applications for you to choose from.
  3. More Options to Receive Applications: You will now be able to receive applications via email, dashboard, and/or phone.
  4. Job Description Image: While posting the Job ad, you can now attach an image that describes the job. This is in addition to your company’s logo.

In addition to these new features, you still have access to the features such as a Profile database. You also get to see complete profiles of registered candidates. 

How Does the TonatonJOBS Platform Work (For Recruiters)

The intuitive design and structure of the platform have been specially thought through to provide you with the best of functionality and ease of work. 

Regardless of your specific recruitment needs, we have got you covered. We do understand that not every organization regularly recruits hence we give you the opportunity to post 3 free job ads every month.

If you are a power recruiter such as a recruitment agency or simply have many vacancies, our membership package allows you to post even more job ads in any month of your membership. 

Using Our Membership Package

Membership is a great choice for recruiters who have a lot of roles to fill.  

Our membership package will help you to stay relevant as your ads maintain their relevance and position regardless of the time. 

Our upgraded dashboard and portal make it easy to view and manage applicants with just a few clicks. 

What you enjoy as a member of TonatonJOBS

  1. Customized Page: A customized personal page can display all of your job postings in the same place. 
  2. Unique URL: A unique URL can be a great representative of your organization at TonatonJOBS.
  3. More Ads: Being a member allows you to post more job ads to find the best fits. 

What makes TonatonJOBS Special? 

The platform relaunched with not just a bunch of new features but also a more focused purpose to help blue-collar job seekers and recruiters. Unlike other recruitment platforms which offer generalised solutions, we bring our expertise in skill-based recruitment to the fore for the benefit of those who need it most. 

To be even more helpful, we have added a bespoke service to help recruiters. We aim to help organisations from a broad spectrum of needs. Some organisations prefer to have candidates through our platform while others prefer to have their entire recruitment needs taken care of by trusted experts so they can concentrate on their core business. 

TonatonJOBS introduces our flagship service to relieve organisations of their entire recruitment process called Staffing Solutions. Our bespoke service, Staffing Solutions, will take care of the advertisement, ad posting and initial screening of candidates. We will then provide you with the best candidates for your own assessment and selection. 

The criteria for screening and selection will be based on a clear understanding of your needs as a company and requisite skills and experience level. 

A few Reasons Why to Choose TonatonJOBS as an Employer

  1. Lower cost 

As a new recruiter, you get one free month of membership This initial time of use will help you to learn how the platform works so you can maximize your experience when you finally do purchase our membership which comes at highly competitive pricing. 

  1. More job applicants 

Tonaton’s well-known brand and popularity ensure that you’ll get enough applicants for your posted roles – within days. 

  1. Smoother process 

Search our profile database for specific job profiles. Our jobs dashboard helps you filter and sort applicants. We also have a dedicated staffing solution available if you want extra help with the recruitment process.  


Tonaton continues to lead the classified market in Ghana as we attract millions of views each and every month. We continue in the spirit of leadership and excellence to provide our TonatonJOBS platform to help Ghanaian job seekers and recruiters to find what they need. Do contact us For assistance regarding any of our services. 

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