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11 Must-Have Things in Your Living Room

When moving into a new house or redesigning your home, it may become overwhelming that you forget to consider the details of your living room. But if you are like me who hangs around the living room quite often, you would want to pay more attention to the living room items. To save you the trouble of having to think through the clutter of things you have to do, we have come up with some essential items your living room should have. Ready? Design! 🙂

Sometimes the things needed to do are just too many and the amount to be spent doesn’t seem worth it. So, here are some reasons why paying a little more attention to your living room design and the items in it is worth it. 

Why Pay Attention to Your Living Room Design?

A Place to Feel At Home
  1. A Place to Feel At Home

    First of all, the living room is yours. It is the place or room you see first when you enter your house. It is where you end up sleeping on days that are highly stressed and tired. Your living place is where you watch your favourite shows. It is where your family bonds and connects with each other. It is where you hang your Christmas lights and trees. Your living room is the best place to feel at home. A very good reason to consider the items you put in your living room – To feel at home.
  1. Entertain Guests

    The Living room is the place where you receive guests. If you receive guests often, it makes sense to make it very comfortable for them as well. Having different situations in mind when designing your room will be a great way to actually do a good job. 
  1. An Embodiment of Your Personality, Values and Source of Inspiration

    The living, due to its functions and the role it plays in your life, shows your personality. It also suggests your values and serves as a source of inspiration. Isn’t it uncanny the way you immediately get a sense of who someone is when you walk into their house or room? By what they have, the colours, the organisation and so forth in a room serves more than mere decorations.

Now to the main reason why you are here.

11 Must-Have Things in Any Living Room

  1. Sofa

We start with a sofa because of its size, significance, and the role it plays in determining the theme for the entire living room. The sofa, its type of material, and colors help determine the nature of the rest of the items needed for your room. There are many types, shapes, sizes, and even functions. Some are convertible to other shapes and so forth. However, the main decisions involve the material, the size, and the colors. It helps to have a fair picture of how you want to room to look when you are done designing.

  1. Accent Pillows
Accent Pillows

Pillows are a great way to show your personality through the shapes, colours and sizes you choose. They help to fill up space and create a feeling of nearness especially when it is just a few people in a large living room. They also add a spice of playfulness especially when they are covered with pictures of Micky and Minnie mouse. 

  1. Chairs and Other Seating Solutions

Apart from a sofa, having a set of chairs is a cool thing to have. They come in handy when having family gatherings, receiving a sizable audience of guests and also when you have a large family but a small sofa. In any case, you may find yourself, extra chairs will add to your design and make it look nicer.

  1. Table (Coffee Table or Centre Table)

A table and sofa (and chair) are usually a good place to start your design. The table as alluded to is the centre of the room “Centre table”. It may not literally be placed at the centre but it directs how the other elements are to be positioned. 

  1. Rug / Carpet

Having a simple yet complementary rug to match your table, sofa and other elements will go a long way to adding to the excellent experience of your room. Like to walk barefoot? That makes it even better when you have a soft-textured rug to do that on.

  1. Curtains (Drapes or Blinds)

Be it curtains, blinds or drapes, having one of them to manage the light in the room is a necessity. They are a great way to keep your privacy when your room is exposed to people passing by or neighbouring apartments. With the right colours, material and transparency, you can have a clean and stylish modern design for your living room.

  1. Wall Decorations – Paintings, Art, Wall
Picture Frames

Talk of style and personality. Adding pieces of decorations to your wall is a great way to communicate your style and show some personality. It is also a great way to complement the other elements. 

  1. Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

We are natural beings. It always feels nice to connect with nature even in the room. Having a few indoor plants in your house will go a long way to add some natural feeling of relaxation and greenery to your design without distorting the look and feel of it.

  1. Media Stand –  For TV & Others
Media Stand

Talk entertainment. This is the hub of our favorite TV shows, Netflixing and chilling, Football games, and of course, releasing some stress after a long day. A media stand is a great place to consolidate all your entertainment devices such as sounds, TV, consoles, digital receivers, etc. A big TV stand or organizer will be able to accommodate even more than just your media. You can keep some basic living room items in your organizer. 

  1.  TV and Sound System
TV and Entertainment Systems

A little heads up here, you may have to buy your TV and other systems such as sound before getting your entertainment stand. This is to be sure they fit. Otherwise, you could actually check the sizes of the TV and systems before getting the stand. Having a TV is now a basic requirement in any living room. And guess what? You can get them at negotiable prices.

  1. Lightening System
Lightening System

Let there be lights! Wondering why the lights are last? Well, for no apparent reason. But having lights come in last will be a great way to test how your choice works with your setup. So have fun with your lights. Use them to compliment your colours and overall living room theme.


Well, that was fun. Shall we do it again? You can always come back for more inspiration. If you are looking to shop any of these at cool negotiable prices, head over to our classifieds. Check for our verified members and stay safe. Happy designing. 

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