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10 Tips on How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Preventing your car from being stolen is an active decision. Sometimes, that is left to chance and it is about time that changed. Because others are probably actively seeking an opportunity to take advantage of and get someone else’s car. 10 good tips will be shared to help you reduce the risk that all vehicles face from the increased car hijacks and robberies in the country. 

10 Tips on How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

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1. Make Sure Windows Are Sufficiently Closed And All Doors Securely Locked

Open doors are one of the common ways your car can easily be stolen from you. With the right skills, anyone can get into your car and get it started when any of the doors are not well closed. 

Another related oversight is when windows aren’t well-closed hence allowing some space which skilled persons can manoeuvre their way into your car and eventually move it. It is best you check these two things anytime you step out of your car. 

It helps if you have an alarm system in case you forget. The alarm will set off when an intruder tries to make their move.

2. Park In Safe And Allowed Places Only.

It helps to note especially in public and crowded places the place you park in. Some spaces may be reserved. 

Some places may be prohibited for parking and others may be unsafe places. Unsafe places could be places prone to robbery and related crimes. 

Try to seek information from people around before settling on the place to park. 

3. Do Not Leave The Car Engine Running And Unattended To

It is possible that your car may be hijacked from your grasp when you leave the engine running while attending to a situation nearby. Therefore, one of the prime ways to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen is to put the engine off.

People could easily take advantage of a situation where your concentration may be entirely on resolving a certain issue to the neglect of your vehicle. When opportunists notice this, they can easily take advantage by engaging your already running engine and speeding off. 

To prevent yourself from being a victim of this type of situation, make it a habit to always put your engine off. This brings us to to the next point…

4. Never Leave Keys In Your Car When Getting Out, No Matter The Distance.

It is better to be safe than sorry. In all situations, make sure you are secured and your vehicle is too. 

This includes taking out your keys anytime you step out of your car and locking it. Make sure windows and doors are closed and locked respectively. Sometimes, you may think it isn’t so much of a distance so it is safe to leave your key in. 

But anything could happen and you lose focus or concentration on your car. This loophole allows others to take advantage of the situation. 

5. Keep Keys (Especially Spare Ones) Secure And Away From Others

Spare keys are a common source of car thefts. And usually raise no suspicion since anyone with the keys to a car is assumed to be the car owner. 

It is possible someone who accidentally finds a spare key may take advantage to use it to take false ownership of your vehicle and potentially sell it. This is possible when such a person is close to you and has some level of access to your personal belongings. Make sure only you or highly trusted persons have access to spare keys. 

In any case that you expose the location of spare keys to someone else, take note of them since their information will be required in the case your car gets stolen or missing.

6. Keep Properties And Other Valuable Items In The Car Out Of Sight.

Having items in your car is a common habit. These may be personal documents, tissues, and other materials. Sometimes, high priced items such as phones, laptops, etc are left in the car. 

In the case that these valuables are in sight, passersby may try to get the items for themselves. They may upgrade their intentions to stealing your vehicle too. The best thing to do is to prevent them from seeing any items in there which will draw attention to your vehicle. 

7. Install A GPS Tracking System

Well, this is quite obvious. It may not be an active system to prevent someone from stealing your vehicle, but it makes a world of difference in immediately tracking and retrieving your vehicle when it is stolen or hijacked. 

It will surely take some time to remove the tracker giving you a good headstart in your search for it. 

8. Install A Reliable Alarm System

This is an important part of preventing an incident of a stolen vehicle. It may cost some money but it’s better safe than sorry. It scares away anyone trying to do anything against your vehicle. 

Even when you aren’t nearby, an alarm may be sufficient to scare off anyone since they will not like to face any passersby or people around. Some modern alarm systems come with smart features such as alerting you on mobile of any intrusions. Some can help you stop the engine of the car remotely in any eventuality. 

9. Stay Away From Notoriously Dangerous Locations Especially At Night

It helps to note locations considered as dangerous, especially at night. A little has already been explained about parking at such places as well. Stay safe. Do well not to stop at such areas or locations no matter the eventuality. 

Certain car hijackers are said to install a trunk of a tree or anything that would cause you to stop. They will then attack after you stop (to find out what is going on). Keep your doors locked to prevent the entry of unwanted persons and to give you time to call for help. 

10. Lock Your Car Even When You Are Driving.

Yes, lock your car even when you are inside it. Open when you are stepping out or when someone is getting in. This prevents minors such as children from playfully hurting themselves by opening it. It also prevents unwanted persons from entering. 


It is always best to put in due diligence at all times to keep yourself and your car safe. People will always try but with these tips, my hope is that you never have to face any car theft. However, in that case, learn what you can do when your car gets stolen or missing

What points did we miss? Do comment your own tips in the section below. 

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