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10 High Paying Work From Home Opportunities

The future of work has been the topic of discussion over the past years. It is now clear that ‘work from home’ is going to be a huge part of the coming years. 

The Ghanaian job market is moving from pure qualifications-based on skills to experience-based. The digital disruption currently ongoing has a role to play in the need for more skilled people.

It can be said that this shift is dictated by the needs of the people and the economy. Business and organisations need creators, and most importantly they need marketers. Businesses also need people who can move their operations to the next level without breaking the bank.

This has led to the rise of freelancers and other work from home opportunities for the general populace. We have created a summary of the top work from home opportunities for anyone right now.

You definitely need the skills to do them. The good side is, you can learn them for free. 

Whatever your situation, decide on one of these and run with it. Thus, you will be able to create success for yourself.

10 High Paying Work From Home Opportunities Anyone Can Do

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1. Consulting

Consulting is fast becoming a necessity for many organisations. 

Let’s say someone is starting a business and needs some intelligence on how to get it up and running. In this case, getting a business consultant who understands how to and has set up many businesses is an excellent option. 

Consultants are typically experts in a field and are often thought leaders. Some of them are also speakers due to their role in directing and championing ideas in their fields.

To be a successful consultant, you first need to have a very good understanding of an area. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert. Or even a thought leader. You just have to be good at what you do. You need to have some analytical skills as you will often have to juxtapose options and help your client decide which way to go.

Being able to communicate well with clients is an excellent skill to have too since you will have to breakdown knowledge to the understanding of your clients.

There are many resources, books and courses out there to help you get started as a consultant.

2. Network Marketing

Network marketing is relatively new to Ghana, However, there are Ghanaians who have made millions of dollars from their network marketing businesses. 

Networking is a low-cost way to start a business by distributing a product or service. This is done independently for another company. This company is responsible for paying you commissions for firstly selling their offerings and secondly building a team which also “Duplicates” your success through selling.

Some key notes About the Industry

  1. There must be a product or service you can touch or enjoy yourself.
  2. They must have a compensation plan which stresses on selling.
  3. Team building is secondary to selling the products and/or services.
  4. It must be possible to make money through commissions. 
  5. The Company Must have a physical location you can visit and maybe even run your business from (Business space).

For the amount of time network marketing has been in Ghana, or gained prominence in the country, it has had some impact. Of course, that is both good and bad. 

The bad has often received much more media attention than the good. This has made the general populace more sceptical about the whole industry. 

Our advice is that you do thorough due diligence before engaging in any network marketing. Don’t let “Good talk” drive you into any venture. 

And most importantly, pay attention to the details and what is missing. Most people are excited at the mention of huge profits that they fail to wonder how it is possible to make that amount of money with the often “No effort”. 

3. Event Planner/Organiser

Events have become even trickier since the covid – 19 hit the world. It has all become online. This transition has made it difficult to create very engaging and profitable events. 

As an event planner, your job will be to break through these challenges and help your clients to build highly profitable events with the much-needed impact and engagement.

Whether it is an online or offline event will dictate how it should be approached. 

But in most cases, the most important are the goals of the event organiser. 

Your job is to help them achieve this. Taking care of the fine details about the event will be figured out by you. 

4. Ghostwriter

We have writers and we have ghostwriters. Why do we call them ghostwriters? Well, they aren’t literally ghosts as you already know. But they do not take credit for their work. How possible is this?

A ghostwriter creates for a client who pays for their time and talent. The client also pays for the rights to the work. It is just like creating something and selling it out. 

However, the client has some level of responsibility in directing the content, theme and how they generally want things to go. 

5. Programmer

Almost everything that can be digitalised is being digitised. Going digital involves a lot including programming. Web applications, mobile applications, websites, and many things involve some form of programming. This is where you can shine as a programmer.

Programming involves learning several programming languages. Based on what you want to do, you have to select. To become a web developer/programmer, you will need knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and other frameworks useful to web development.

To become an iOS programmer, you will definitely need to learn swift and others to be able to thrive and create quality work.

Of course, there are other fields and areas when it comes to programming. 

Do some research around programming. Find out what interests you and start building your portfolio. 

You can become a full-blown programmer without ever attending school. Which means little entry cost. You can enrol in a few free courses to get started. Much of your learning will be practice-based.

6. Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one of the industries which has created the most millionaires and billionaires. This is because of the necessity of housing in any human settlement. We all need a roof to lay our heads. 

Depending on the type of real estate business model you run, you can replicate their success for yourself.

However, it helps to start being an agent where you can build expertise and experience to the terrain. 

An agent typically facilitates the sales of properties for a commission. Depending on the property, you can get paid a good commission. 

If you have the capital and want to use it actively in your business, you can flip houses. Buy a house, renovate it and sell it for a profit. 

Real estate has some great opportunities that are worth exploring. 

7. Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of those opportunities that take no capital to start. You basically need to build knowledge and experience in how to manage, run and create engagement on pages. 

It provides an endless stream of income as far as your rates go and the number of clients you have. 

For instance, you may have 5 clients who pay you GH¢300 a month. That makes GH¢1500 a month. The average entry-level “graduate” monthly income. Not bad after all. 

You can build this into a business. Get a few other social media managers on your team so you can build your client portfolio with your now freed uptime.

8. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to build multiple passive income sources. You can make money from ad networks, write paid or sponsored content, create and sell products, etc. As a blogger, you can build as many streams of income as you want. 

The hard work as a blogger comes in creating consistent and regular content. Another headache is building a loyal audience. Yes, the number matters. But how quality is the audience. How much is the average fan willing to spend?

Having such information will help you present a strong case for why advertisers should sponsor their promotions on your blog.

Celebrity bloggers like Ameyaw Debrah have built a full-time job out of this allowing him to work from home or anywhere as he or she pleases without a physical confines. 

9. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the high paying jobs you can find in the world. And in Ghana. What is even better is that you can become a copywriter in your own right and work from home. 

Companies and organizations creating their marketing and communications campaigns need to write their copy to fit their audience. 

This may seem like a simple and easy job but trust us, it isn’t. Simplicity is often hard to achieve. Hence copywriting has become a specialist skill among writers and marketers.

Writing itself is a skill that must be learned, built and nurtured over some time. It takes extra effort to decide which 2 words should be used for the billboard –  making copywriting even more tedious. It is okay when you have 50,000 words to write an average self-help book. You have many words, paragraphs and chapters to hammer your message.

In copywriting, you have less than 6 seconds to make sure the message is well understood and to convince them to do as you want such as buy a product, donate or do some other thing.

According to, the average copywriter in Ghana makes between GH¢1,690 to GH¢4960.

10. Content Writing

This is the third opportunity that has to do with writing. Maybe we are a little biased because we are writing this. But this isn’t the case. These writing opportunities are perhaps the easiest way to make a decent income as a stay at home writer without having to step out of your home. 

Content has been agreed to be king of marketing and advertising. Companies are converting themselves to publishing houses (Not literally) to stay competitive with their marketing. Starting blogs, social media pages, youtube channels are all cropping up from organisations. 

These marketing efforts often require a little more specialised writing such as business writing, scriptwriting, social media content writing. 

This is where you come in as a content creator. 

There are platforms where you can find companies who are already looking for someone like you. 

Network, build your portfolio and you will be able to create a decent income for yourself out of sitting at your desk at home and hammering away at your keyword. Or a pen and paper is that your way. 


The takeaway should be that you need to build skills. You may or may not have a good education. But whichever camp you find yourself, you need to build a good portfolio of skills and experiences making you valuable to the world. 

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